Dear Dayre,

Wedding dinner Saturday night.

My favourite videographer in the whole wide world: This is the guy who made those two videos (our prewed Seoul video and our actual day wedding video) I posted in the previous entry.

A few people I know also engaged Ian's services, like the couple who got married last night, and had nothing but praises for his work!

If you're looking for a prewed or wedding videographer, there is no one else I would recommend but iStudio motion pictures. 😍

More snippets from this week. 3CE launch at Sephora whoop!!!!

Yes to 3CE in Singapore!

A group photo with @evonnz @bunbunmakeuptips @jaynetham @lianmeiting Tricia Hazel & Jasmine!

Park Sora!

All these Korean celebrities look so so flawless! Makes me almost want to get plastic surgery done too. *almost only* I won't because I'm not sure what I would feel about myself if I didn't look like Yina Goh anymore, eye bags, double chin and all…..

Here's our award winning shot with Park Sora wtf. Sharing a moment of awkward laughter.

The photobooth was so hard to use because it had some weird lag time and all our photos ended up looking retarded 😐


Excited to explore more of 3CE's range now that it's available at Sephora!! I surprisingly love the brush I bought from 3CE when @evonnz and I were in Seoul last year. They have crazy nice lip colors too!

Sephora served us Chir Chir fried chicken during the event and we were like YAYYYY 😍😍😍

Brunch meet with @mariemjsoh @shiberty @melissackoh too!

So hard to get everyone together with all their respective hectic schedules.

We went to Char at Guillemard Road! Food there is pretty good. The charsiew is their signature dish and it's very very sinful. Fatty and melt-in-your-mouth, braised in a really gao caramelized dark sauce mmmmm.

Yang chow fried rice. One portion like this was $11? But fed four of us!

Really like the pork belly with salted fish 😍 Very intense and shiok.

Been minimizing eye makeup but my eyes aren't naturally very defined so it's tough. Miss the lash extensions and I think I'll be trying to fix an appointment to get them done again before HK next week!!

Went back home for dinner on Thursday too 😁

I love my silly little furkids!

Just look at fatty making a nuisance of herself in the kitchen, sitting there and obstructing the chef (AKA mother)

Enjoying a good belly rub. #好命

I'm truly blessed with 一班好友们! Belated birthday lunch for Evonne on Weds.

@reeniepoh @minpoh @trishaliang @evonnz

When I was in primary/secondary school, I never belonged to any "girl cliques" because I didn't really share the same interests as my fellow school mates nor have much in common with them.

I always did feel a little left out in the sense that I didn't have that many close friends.

But I think all these gfs were just waiting to come into my life 😁😁😁 only I didn't know it yet

I don't just mean this bunch but all the close gfs I have in my life now. All these wonderful ones that I know will always be there for me if I need them, any time of the day. Even those that I only see a few times a year but we know we are there in each other's heart always.

What did I do to deserve all these people? ☺️

I don't believe in KARMA per se, but I do believe that how you treat the ones around you is how you will get treated.

I don't mean to say you go out of your way to be the nicest person in the world (really we are not all born to be nice and fluffy and sweet) but I believe in being honest and sincere in every relationship you make.

I rather a friend be blunt with words than to sugar-coat them and be fake-nice cos I don't need fake-niceness, all I want is a real connection with them.

Not sure if I'm making sense 😂

But yeah, you know it when you have that "connection" with someone. And all it needs is honesty and true baring of the soul to know this person is a friend you want to have.

Being "nice" is overrated.

When those who love me think of me, I hope they think of me as that candid, true friend who will have fun with them during the good times, and be a listening ear when they need one in bad times.

They won't count on me to be nice, but they can count on me to always share my brand of positivity to put things into perspective 😂 Or perhaps commiserate together because sometimes my life sucks too but it's okay because we are all human like that.

And when I'm happy and have good news to share I know I can be a total show off about it and not have you all wanting to kill me for it because you are genuinely happy for me even if you're exasperated with my annoyingness.

😂 Right? RIGHT???

Be true to yourself and be real with others… Then you know that those that still willingly stay in your life are the keepers and the ones you want to have there with you. You'll be happier for it too.

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