Dear Dayre,

Wednesday and in another fifteen hours time I will be at the airport again.

The new Dayre location function tells me that I'm currently swimming in Bedok Reservoir now!

Which is not true by the way. 😂

Ok here's the nice photo.

Lancome's Christmas palette is super super prettyyyyyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️

I just blogged my experience with Lancome's Genefique Youth Activating Facial which was extremely good!

I want to go back for it again. It was like a full 90-minute relaxation with super luxurious skincare pampering your face.

And the best part is with $120, you can sign up for the facial, AND redeem $120 worth of products which means the facial is FREE!

I was paid to post on my blog but not on Dayre. Just sharing the love cos it's such a good deal and I really enjoyed the facial.

Left the facial feeling a lot more relaxed and with glowing skin too! A full range of Genifique and Visionnaire products was used so my skin definitely loved it.

Sign up for the $120 facial that's fully redeemable with products at ✨✨ Right now there's still an early-bird gift worth $104, it's so worth while.

Or you can sign up for a makeover at $120 too or $180/2 pax! I personally think facial is more worth it because it's 90 mins of skin pampering and soul relaxation.

Just launched this dress on site yesterday 🙌🏻

Original sample piece if you remember. From long hair era! Haha.

It's really nice 😍😍😍 Guess y'all know why I like off-shoulder stuff, cos it hides flabby arms a little bit haha!

It also flaunts the shoulders which I find very sexy without being overly revealing!

We did it in two versions, stripes and black! The fabric is very thick cotton blend and won't show ugly bulges! *Very important for bodycon dresses*

In other news, I couldn't take the no-lashes-look any longer and went back to Graceous to get lash extensions put on!

Just look at the difference… Oh no, I'm an addict to lash extensions 😩

My legit excuse is.. I need to look good with minimal effort especially when I'm flying off tomorrow morning for a campaign in Hong Kong and will be doing some filming there. Lash extensions are way more convenient than mascara and falsies for sure.


As usual, I havent packed though I have to be at the airport in seven hours time and I still have a meeting at 11pm. Guess I'll only be home after midnight to take a shower and pack like crazy. Flight at 7.22am.

I love to travel but today I feel a little burnt out about travelling maybe because it's for work and also because I'll have to abandon YZ for almost three days during the trip and it's stressing me out and I don't know what he's gonna do during those three days.

Thinking about the filming part is also quite stressy and I haven't planned my wardrobe at all.

It sounds really fun to be travelling for work and although I truly enjoy it, I think I'm having some pre-trip jitters because there's so much that needs to be settled while I'm still here and once I come back (you'll probably find out what soon) and last night I actually had a panicky dream in which I was supposed to be ready for an important event but nothing was going right!

I woke up feeling so anxious 😳

I haven't been able to sleep til late for the past two weeks or so, and I end up surfing aimlessly on my phone until 2-3am before I feel tired enough to sleep. I know that looking at electronic devices right before bedtime isn't encouraged but I can't help it.. I just feel that need to occupy my brain with something even though it's a complete waste of time and energy.

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