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Dear Dayre,

Lunch today at Box'n'sticks! One of the rare Japanese cuisine gems around Arab Street area, you must give it a try if you're there.

This special stewed pork belly with onsen egg on rice is back on their menu for now so the lady boss made me order it and it was soooo good!!! 😍 The slices of pork belly are cooked in a sweet savory sauce and went so well with the rice and egg πŸ˜‹

Then I told her "I'm going to Japan tomorrow so I don't know why I'm here πŸ˜‚ (eating Japanese food)"

But the lunch sets at Box'n'sticks are super worth it! Most of them are like $10++ and there's no GST or service charge!

Tell the lady boss I sent you there (show her this post πŸ˜‚) and remember to order the stewed pork belly 😍

I also love love love the wakame salad there. Damn good!

In less than twelve hours time, I'm gonna be on the plane to Japan!!! I can barely wait! But first, I have a three hour rehearsal, a family dinner, and then I'm gonna spend my night packing my luggage. I haven't packed a single bit at all!!! πŸ˜₯

I'm prepared to spend tonight packing my luggage before going to the airport at 4am to catch my 6am flight.

Made the very last of my arrangements today, Woon helped me buy the JR train passes, and I've also bought travel insurance, so I think I should be all set!

I'm keeping quite chill but as I'm the main planner for this trip, I'm slightly nervous that something is gonna cock up due to my carelessness or forgetfulness πŸ˜₯

I really want YZ and I to have an amazing time in Japan together!!

Still praying for the weather to turn better for the next two days because it's set to be rainy on Thursday and Friday before becoming sunny again on Saturday.

But I'm planning on USJ on Friday 😭😭😭 Please be kind to me, Japan!

Here's the current weather in Osaka for the next three days. Hope it brightens up a little somehow!

Anyways, anything is better than the haze really.

My eye has been feeling dry and stinging since yesterday and I think it may be caused by the haze! Any of you also encountered the same sensation? It's super uncomfortable and annoying 😭

Count down: 8 more hours to flight!!!!

My pre-trip pack list is like:

*Most important*
Foreign currency
Credit cards

*Next important*
Camera + batteries + charger
Wifi device + charger
Laptop + charger
Mobile power bank
Phone charger


Universal Adaptor
Hair Curler

Pretty sure backpacking isn't my style πŸ˜‚ I usually make sure to use the biggest luggage I have just to maximize my luggage allowance if necessary!

I'm always paranoid about forgetting something damn important, like my passport or maybe my laptop charger πŸ˜₯

What kind of traveller are you?

Today, I had an engaging discussion with some colleagues about traveling and travel style.

I'm sure we've all experienced traveling with people whos travel styles are incompatible with ours and like I discussed before with other girlfriends, sometimes when that happens and causes a negative situation, it could basically be the end of the friendship 😯

Like for instance, some people are very whiny. Will complain about walking too far, weather too hot, things not going right etc.

I call them..

The Whiner

Then another type of traveller is the kind you never want to share a room with either because

1. They are so OCD you can't do anything without their permission. For example, shoes must line up neatly at door. Or cannot stay up late and message or use laptop cos the light will disturb their sleep

2. They are so messy and disorganized and everything is a mess and after they use the washroom the sink and floor's all wet and their stuff is strewn all over the room.

Both extremes are bad.

The OCD / The Chaotic

Another traveling behavior I don't like is when the person will take forever to wake up and then take forever to get ready and by then it's lunch time liao and congratulations you've just wasted the entire morning!

Which is why I always try to make sure I wake up the earliest since I know I need X amount of time to get ready. I'd rather wake up earlier and get ready than have others wait for me.

Also known as..

The Time-Waster

One more travel type that I feel that can be uber hard to get along with is the one that plans a super tight schedule from point A to B to C and then gets upset & stressed when the day is not going according to plan.

Unless there's a plane or a train to catch la, of course. But if it's just sight-seeing and exploration, I think it's more important to have fun and truly immerse yourself in the moment than to hurry from place to place and feel like you're on boot camp timetable.

I call this..

The Tour-Guide Wannabe

I'm curious to know, what are YOUR pet travel peeves? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Just finished my dinner and I'm gonna digest for a bit before I start packing πŸ˜‚

Four hours to pack my luggage, take a shower and dress to go!

*rolls around on sofa*

Alright!!!!! Enough rolling around!
Time to get down to packing! 2 hours should be more than enough. Then I get an hour to shower and get ready and off to the airport we go! 😁😁😁

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