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Dear Dayre,

HALLOOOOOOOO 我还没死掉 just been too busy to update again as usual 😅


…I booked a last minute trip to Japan for next week!!!!

We got our tickets cheap at less than $500 per pax via United Airlines! Damn cheap la! 😍 This time round, I'm going with YZ so I suppose you can call this our HONEYMOON!??

It's YZ's first time to Japan too so I'm doubly excited for us both!!

A word of advice though, don't do last minute trips to Japan because looking for accommodation has been super stressful 😭 It also happens to be some crazy Japanese holiday period so it was so difficult to find good and affordable accommodation!!

But thanks to, I managed to find apartments/hotels that are in pretty awesome locations!! Phew!

My trip itinerary this time will be Osaka (2 nights) Kyoto (3 nights) Tokyo (2 nights)! I've planned out most of the itinerary and I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

So I've been busy working extra hard in order to enjoy my trip in Japan next week 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Had a five-hour long shoot on Monday with @ohchanelly and we were both deadbeat by the end of the shoot OMG 😵

Just launched this culottes on TVD whoopeeeee!


I have the culottes in two colors heh.

It looks almost like a midi skirt but it's actually culottes which means I can be more chor lor 😅 Lurve it!

I really like the Sky too but my wardrobe is bursting!!

Too many clothes. Cannot handle.

My staff took a photo of me doing flatlay outside our office 😂 I was teaching them the art of flatlay hahaha and they are improving every time!

And lookie!!! TVD billboard panel now at Raffles Place MRT! 😍 So cool! I haven't seen it myself but a couple of people have sent me photos of the panel 😂 Love!!!

Randomly switching topic: Attended a 1872 Clipper Tea event today cos Evonne and I are both tea-lovers and we brought @trishaliang along too! Woah, we are all dressed in theme heh.

Some fun activities included making our own tea blends and even scented tea candles!!!!

I made two different blends, one black tea with rosebuds and one green tea with lemongrass!

😍 Interactive events are always more interesting.

These are some limited edition travel-themed scented candles! Can't wait to try the one I picked heh tomorrow then I take photos and show yah.

Both @trishaliang and I are travelling to Japan next week but at slightly different dates.. Trish is going first and then I'll be flying over the day before she comes back so we're not gonna get to meet up in Japan unfortunately!!


But I picked the later dates because the tickets were cheaper, and I decided to coincide my dates with Woon, who will also be flying to Japan hehehe!!!!


Sorry @Evonnz 我们把你一个人丢在新加坡 😂

Absolutely cannot wait to jet off into the skies but I'm quite stressed over this trip too because it's just me and YZ most of the time so I'll have to figure out how to get around! The past few times I was in Japan, knowing how to get around wasn't part of my job 🙊

And Japan train lines are so confusing! Good luck to me.

I'm very very excited over the itinerary this time cos I planned most of it hehe! A few of the highlights will be USJ (HARRY POTTER LAND!), Kyoto, and eating nonstop!

Wah I am saving my stomach this week so that I can feast as guilt-free as can possibly be when we are in Japan.



For some strange reason I'm looking forward to drinking fruit flavored waters 😂 Those are very popular in Japan and taste so much better than regular water but still with very little calories!

They look like this and you can get them everywhere!

And these mandarin orange jellies that you can find in SG but are way cheaper in Japan.

Quite sad that this time I wasn't able to find a ryokan with available rooms because I really wanted YZ to experience a traditional Japanese ryokan with kaiseki breakfast like how @evonnz @trishaliang and I did.

They are also crazy mad expensive so nope, no ryokan this time round! 😭

Also; the weather won't be that great but I'm just praying for decent weather (not too hot and please no thunderstorms!!)

Also regret not booking my return flight one day later sigh. Only two days in Tokyo this time, but never mind lah, give myself more reasons to return to Japan next time 👍🏻✨

I hope YZ will love Japan too so we can return during autumn/spring for even more spectacular weather and scenery!

Our itinerary this time round will be focused on more sightseeing and touristy things and less shopping 😂

We're even travelling out to more obscure areas like Takayama and Shirakawa-go so it'll be new for me too!

Insanely high level of excitement. Especially now that I've settled the accommodations and planned the rough itinerary, I'm not so stressed anymore and can feel properly excited about the trip!

Got my wifi device settled by VisonData too so expect tons of updates during the trip!

Next, I need to research on all the train routes.

And importantly, decide how to pack my wardrobe hahahaha

Ok. Let's not get too ahead of myself because there's still ONE WHOLE WEEK TO GO before the trip!

*Work mode still on*

But in all my spare time, I've been looking at where to go and what to do hehehe. So much anticipation I almost can't wait liao.

You know you are truly obsessed when you walk past this signboard and your brain translates it as…

🎌 SUSHI 寿司 🍣

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