Dear Dayre,

New arrivals are up on site!!! 😍😍😍

Oh oh including this jumpsuit I've already worn three times πŸ˜‚

Shop at!

I bought new stickers! Hahaha Dayre I very support you one! And these cactus stickers are super cute 🌡🌡🌡

Monday/Tuesday were busy busy days! Didn't have time to update my meals but here they are!

Yesterday's lunch:

Mushroom pepes (Indonesian dish cooked in banana leaf wrapping)
Steamed green beans
Caramelized cassava

I wasn't in love with mushroom pepes though I like mushrooms because it wasn't salty and I'm just not used to my mushrooms tasting so bland even though there were other spices in it.

But the caramelized cassava!!! Must be one of the best parts of lesssaltdiet's meal programs. They are so delicious eh! I love tapioca/cassava 😍 Caramelized lagi better!!

Chicken betutu (Balinese local dish)
Stir fried beans
Star fruit

The chicken betutu was good!! It tasted like a sort of spicy curry sauce yummm!! I enjoyed dinner more than lunch for this day's meals ☺️

Though I have to say I having been strict with my diet program. Been going for daily rehearsals this week as concert is on Saturday and it's very tiring so I've been relying on coffee for my sugar rush as well as snacking more. Rehearsals til 10.30pm at night every day! 😭

And today I spent the whole day working on today's launch like bug-eyed computer monster and then rushed for rehearsal.

But yayyyy!! Launched the pretty pretty dress and other stuff that I ❀️.

So happy 😁

So 美美 I seriously love the new website cos the pictures are all so big and niceeeeee!

Nic rushed out the frames for me in time for tonight's collection phew! Such a superstar! 😍

I know some colors/sizes are OOS already, we will definitely open for back orders once I check with the factories!

Today's healthy lesssaltdietsg meals were great too!!

But hor I get hungry in between meals so I've been snacking on almonds. Which are supposedly healthy but are still high in fats….

My weight has been maintaining and I haven't seen any further weight loss yet! About 900g at the moment!

But well as I mentioned, my goal right now isn't so much to lose weight (tho I do wanna be slimmer), just want to treat my body better and eat healthy ☺️

Still can't get used to having carbs when I'm on "diet" πŸ˜‚ but I'm savouring every bite of it!

Baked tofu with chicken
Healthy grilled hashbrown
Grapefruit salad

The hashbrown was especially good!!!

Steamed fish with cilantro
Stir fried long beans
Tomato salsa

This is a pretty tiny portion to me and I think I can easily eat twice this portion! 😫 But the fish was really tasty with the cilantro herbs.

Looking forward again to tomorrow's meals πŸ˜‚ It's really nice not to have to worry about what to eat, and just know that you're gonna have something healthy delivered to you! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This sticker is perfectly apt because it's already past 3am now boohoo I still need to finish up some work but I also have an early meeting tomorrow followed by work followed by rehearsal!



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