Dear Dayre,

OMGGGGG JOKE OF THE DAY 😰 My mother hor…

Really damn blur. So old liao vote so many times already still don't know how to follow instructions! *slow clap*

Anyways I woke up early and went to vote at my designated polling station with little sissy and there was no queue! Fast and efficient.

Before you ask me who I voted for… My vote is secret ❌❌❌

Though I am quite amused by those going around telling every one to vote wisely.

Seriously if you tell others to "vote wisely" just means you are pro-youknowwho right?

I believe most people are voting wisely and forming their own opinions and judgements. But of course everyone will have different ideas and beliefs. 😁

At the end of the day, all of us just want a better Singapore and a wonderful country to call Home, right?

So I don't see why there should be any animosity.

I feel that everyone should respect one another's views regardless of whether they are differing or not.

UNLESS you are HHH. She's just ridiculous.

To a better five years ahead, no matter what!

And it's back to regular programming despite it being Election Day holiday.

Editing frames for upcoming collections ✨

Love my dogs so much 😂 This is QQ refusing to get out from my bag last night. Her obsession with gai-gai is incredible. If you saw my snapchat, I took a video of me carrying her out of the bag and her scrambling back in multiple times 😂

Aiyoooo that shaggy face.

My dogs chilling in my room with me. Nice to feel so wanted everytime I'm back home cos they always want my attention hehe!

Mummy's home cooked dinners are the best. Her 拿手好菜 sesame chicken! Nothing tastes as good as home cooked does ☺️

Entire Peh family is camping in front of the TV tuning into election results now… 😂

THAT 9% 😱😱😱😱😱

OMG… Just let me know Aljunied's results already so that I can go to sleep!!!

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