Dear Dayre,

Howssss everyoneeeee!

Here's bespectacled me without eye makeup and lash extensions. My eyes feel so undefined.

But wells!

Going to the clinic right now for my follow-up! At least my eye is no longer swollen and painful!

So recently I've been seeing the hashtag #thetruthis and it's sort of fun to read, because it's kind of like finding out everyone's secret confessions hahaha.

I start wondering what's my own "truths" to confess but it's tough because sometimes I have no concrete idea what's the kind of impression or image I have online and on social media!

But well based on a rough idea… Here's some of my confessions ok. Since I'm waiting for my turn at the clinic ah. Hahaha

Perception: I'm some multi-talented octopus (I blame @evonnz for encouraging this myth

People think like woah I can sing, draw, design, photograph and write, and whatever rubbish it is but I've always felt that I'm very much a jack of all trades and master of none.

Since I was young, I've had a strong interest in music but no actual classes and education, which is something I truly regret and next time when I have kids, I will make sure I give him/her exposure to proper music education should my kid show any signs of interest!

I always admire the people I see with proper music qualifications and are actually living their "dream", being full-time singers and musicians.

For a brief period of my teenagehood, I thought that art was my calling and that I'd work as a designer/artist forever, but then I realised after a few years in the industry that my passion and talent for design/art just couldn't make the cut.

I am very grateful though for the background in design and art because that sense of aestheticism and the familiarity with design software is a life skill that has come very much into use in my current work (i.e. My online apparel store and blogging)

But I am so nothing compared to all the truly gifted musicians and artists out there and I do feel a little sad with myself sometimes for being mediocre at both. 😔

Here's a random childhood story to share!

When I was in secondary school, I spent most of my time outside of classroom lessons at this cool hang-out in school named the "Student Centre".

The Student Centre was basically a place for students to relax and hang out. It had a radio, a shitty tv, a sofa, some magazines, and an entire row of guitars.

I detested studying and hardly spent any time doing schoolwork. What I looked forward to most was hanging out at the Student Centre after class 😍

For some reason though, hardly any students hung out there regularly save for a few. I guess ZHSS students are all much too studious hahaha.

At the Student Center, there was a guy called Kelvin, who was our school counsellor. Outside of classroom hours, he'd always be at the student center, and maaaaan, Kelvin was so good at the guitar!

That's how I picked up guitar: from hanging out after school everyday at the Student Center and basically bugging Kelvin non-stop everyday to teach me guitar.

Me and my friends got pretty good and we even formed our own band! Kelvin was a super cool guy and mentored our amateur musicianship and taught me practically everything I know on the guitar.

We even held a recess-time concert once after seeking permission from the school authorities in charge! Proudest moment of our little band 😂

My guitar skills are quite rusty nowadays, but if the chords aren't too fancy, I can generally play most pop songs with simple strumming haha.

All thanks to those hours of drilling in guitar from Kel back in secondary school 😂

Why all these past memories are now at the front of my consciousness is because thanks to the all-wonderful Facebook, I reconnected with this childhood mentor of mine, and we're catching up over dinner tonight!

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