What’s your personality type?

Dear Dayre,

Yay Thursday! Day 4 and I was surprised again to drop another 300g on the scale. That's a total of 900g since I started on Monday!! 😨
Feels good haha even though I don't see much physical difference yet.

I really think it's all the water retentive weight I've been carrying in my body from the sodium-laden foods I usually eat! I've also been more conscious to snack less and these few days I've been snacking on baked almonds and fruits when I feel peckish.

Today's lunch was damn nice!! It's healthy Gado-Gado, which is Indonesian salad with peanut sauce. So instead of fried ground peanuts, lesssaltdiet replaces them with healthy baked cashews and it's still so delicious!!

Does not feel like a diet meal at all haha this one was legit tasty.

Quote my name for a special discount at @lesssaltdietsg!

The prices for the lesssaltdiet programme are:
$410 for 13-day no salt plan
$180 for 5-day less salt plan

For the 13-day programme, that works out to be 30 dollars a day, including daily delivery straight to your doorstep!

Hmm… It's about $15 a meal which is quite pricey but I guess costs the same as a mid-priced meal outside. Even salads cost around $10-$12 so $15 seems reasonable when it's inclusive of delivery.

I'll carry on documenting my journey over the next 9 + 5 days heh so don't rush to sign up if you're not sure about it yet!

I'll also be doing the 5-days less salt plan after I complete the 13-day plan as it's supposed to help with maintaining your healthy habits and weight loss!

Hi everyone I just did my first ever Gua Sha massage and I look like I got abused with some horrific torture machine 😂

Has anyone done Gua Sha before??

Apparently I'm super toxic lah the masseur said a lot of "black beads" came out 😨

From Wikipedia!

I also asked the therapist to explain and basically she said that gua sha helps to release the toxic materials in your blood and brings it up to the lymphatic vessels under your skin, and allows the "湿气" or "湿毒" to be eliminated from your body via your lymphatic system, which sort of makes sense!

Well right now my back is slightly sore and looks extremely bruised but it should subside in a few days!

"In TCM, blood stagnation is considered to cause many diseases. The scraping technique can release the body of blood stagnation.

Imagine this. Running water will give clear and clean water while a stagnant pool will be full of dirt, moss, rubbish, undergrowth. Our entire blood circulation is very similar to this. When our blood is not flowing smoothly, it begins to slow down and eventually becomes stagnant. This will create an environment for the development of diseases.

When Gua Sha is applied, it quickly releases blockages in your body that has been caused by stagnant blood. It actually mimics sweating and promotes circulation of your body fluids. By doing so, it helps to normalize cellular metabolic processes and release toxic waste from your deep cellular tissues.

As your blood and qi circulation increases, it helps to oxidize your cells as well as to nourish them."

I went to Huang Ah Ma at Mosque Street (Chinatown)!

My female masseur was from China and she was very knowledgeable. I'll be writing a longer editorial for GetKlarity Magazine soon and if you book your session via GetKlarity app, there's a 20% discount!

Warning: it can be quite painful but I honestly enjoyed it haha call me masochistic but I love very very hard massages and I could feel the gua sha really going deep into all those tight and sore areas on my back too!

Lesssaltdiet dinner: Rojak chicken with stir fry black pepper zucchini, garbanzo beans and mandarin orange!

Really so so so healthy and nutritious. I wonder if I can be on a no-salt diet forever 😂 I'll probably be damn healthy!

Kind of looking forward to every day's meals delivery in the morning because it's a different menu everyday which is exciting! Eating healthy made interesting for sure.

Earlier this week, I asked my staff to all take the 16 personalities test!

How many of you have done it before? I think it's been quite popular of late so I was curious to find out what the personality types of my staff were so I could analyze everyone's working style and understand them better 🙊

Found out that one of my staff is a ENFJ (protagonist), while another one is INFJ (advocate)! And then @pohyeepenelopez is ESFP (entertainer).

I thought the personality test results were quite a revelation! For instance, my INFP girl is pretty conscientious and quietly confident like what the INFP profile says, while ESFP @pohyeepenelopez is very spontaneous and adaptable to my last-minute work instructions and all that, but tends to be prone to careless mistakes because of her non-structured working style.

So the girls asked me "BOSS, so what about you ah? What's your personality type?"

Me: I forget already leh that time I did quite long ago but I can't find the results in my email.

PY: BOSS you should be same as mine la we quite same same leh?

Me in my head: "Hmmmmmm…… Really or not does that mean I also have the same negative traits (ESFP: poor long-term planner, unfocused and easily bored)"

And I decided to spend some time doing the test again today (even did it TWICE to get the most accurate results) and guess wuddddddd @pohyeepenelopez is right I AM THE SAME AS HER AKA ESFP!?!?!

*face palm*

ESFP aka The Entertainer!

So this is what the ESFP personality is about.

I guess it is quite accurate huh.

👆🏻This is for sure hehe since I came from design background and I'm now in fashion e-commerce and social media!

Not everything about ESFPs is accurate for me, but the gist of it is really quite true. I'm a "live in the moment" person and my plans are always flexible and adaptable depending on the situation. I'm terrible with numbers and long-term planning and I always need to make a conscious effort to sit down to make myself do mundane tasks that I hate doing.

It's very interesting I have to say.

Have you done this test before? Share with me your personality types and tell me if it's accurate!!

It's at www.16personalities.com!

The most mind-boggling thing is.. I made YZ sit down and take the test too and.. HE IS ALSO ESFP OMG!

Though he is very high on the T (turbulent) end while I'm on the A (assertive) end. But we are the same personality type?!!! Must be why we ended up together in the first place 😂

Assertive (-A) individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals.

Turbulent (-T) individuals are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. They are likely to experience a wide range of emotions and to be success-driven, perfectionistic and eager to improve.

The A and T parts are so true!!

I'm exactly like an A and YZ is totally T. I'm quite easy-going and not so much of a worrier while YZ is very sensitive and cares a lot about what others think of him.

More insights on the different letters used in the personality types.

"Where you prefer to focus your attention"

This is Extraversion VS Introversion but as you can see it's the other way round!! Extraversion should be the column on the right and Introversion on the left.

"How you prefer to take in information"

S (Sensing) vs N (Intuition)

"The way you prefer to make decisions"

Thinking VS Feeling

"How you prefer to deal with the world"
Judging VS Perceiving

Share with me what's your personality type please!!!

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