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Dear Dayre,

OMG, I barely slept an hour last night, because I was rushing out TVD work and another blog post!

I couldn't do an all-nighter and decided to take a short nap at 6.30am, intending to wake up at 7.30am to get ready for my conference call time of 8.30am. Ended up waking closer to 8am but thankfully my bestest hubby drove me down to the conference and saved my ass!

But I was so so tired because of the lack of sleep. Lol old liao 😭

That's my outfit today in the new TVD jumpsuit! 😍

It was my first official time as a speaker at a conference and it was a very very interesting session on youth influencers and engagement/marketing!

We had a panel discussion with some other industry experts and I think there were lots of relevant material covered that even I learnt from.

Was dying of hunger and lack of sleep after the conference session ended at 11am so I headed to brunch with Christabel. PS cafe truffle fries are one of the yummiest!

But I told myself that I'm not having any more junk food after today. I've been feeling lethargic and I think it's from all the junk-eating! Mehhhhhh, time to get a hold on all the unhealthy eating habits and start eating right.

After today that is 😂

Not sure if you saw, but I've refreshed TVD's logo and simplified it to a cleaner look and feel! What do you all think of it? It might or might not be the final look, I'm still experimenting to see if any more creative juice hits me.

This is phase one of revamping the current website.. ☺️ There's still a lot to be done!

Logo number one from years ago when we first started out on Livejournal!

After shifting to a dot com, I revamped the logo for the first time for a more up-to-date look.

And now im trying to go even more simplified and sleeker!

Can't bear to get rid of the doll in the logo although the trend for logos nowadays is to go minimalist with only typography and no graphics at all.

I'd be very happy to hear all feedback and suggestions on the logo!! ❤️ Thank you thank you in advance!!! I really appreciate all the help I can get 😘

I'm so happy with the new studio setup that we tried for the last shoot though!!!

I love how it brings out the colors of the image and gives a very "3D" look 😍 With this setup, the skin looks almost airbrushed and soft, and the details of the apparel really shine in this lighting set-up ❤️

Thinking back to our early days of doing amateur photo shoots in my backyard to our first few studio shoots which were so poorly done, I feel like I've really learnt a lot!

OMG….. Hahahahahahah 🙈

Our first manufactured item from five years ago and one of the first few studio shoots OMG I can't imagine modeling now I think I will just die!

What good fun to reminisce those days though!

From being a total noob with absolutely no knowledge of lighting setup and studio photography, learning on the job over the years and amassing hands-on experience and knowledge to achieve my current proficiency and being able to see the beautiful product images does give me immense satisfaction 😊

Lots of love and so much feel for this week's new arrivals that are up on site already!

Oh yes, head over to support us in our give-away on Facebook? 😘 Giving away your item of choice to two lucky customers! ❤️ You just need to like and comment on the photo album/photo with the item you want to win!

Our Facebook page is ✨

The Lovato Trumpet Skorts that I wear in size M also now available on TVD!

Previously we had a grey version that I loved so much I decided to bring it back in two new shades, a sky blue and black 😍

Thank you all SOOO much for all the input!!! You all are the best ❤️

So excited about revamping the website and refreshing our current look!

Until I just spent the last three hours overhauling the website design!!!!

A brand new layout looks SO refreshing straight away!

I feel like e-commerce websites recently all very 大同小异… But found this beautiful theme that works perfectly for me and it looks so so so good!

太美了 😍😍😍

And I got so engrossed I couldn't stop working on the website gosh now it's almost 3am and I still need to get other work done 😣

After so much playing around with the logo… I'm sticking to the current one that's on-site for the time being! It seems that most of you love that logo the most, so I'll go brainstorm a little and perhaps just do some minor corrections to the logo ❤️

I sort of agree that TVD isn't TVD without the doll logo!

If you ladies are free, go check out the new website and tell me if you love it too! 🙈 (but if you don't, don't tell me lol 💔)

5% off with "FB5OFF"!

I figured I might as well share the FB discount with you all since I 💜 you all so much and all of you are so helpful!! You can key in the above code for 5% off all orders at the time-being!! ☺️

Gonna go take a nap now and then wake up again in a few hours to finish up some work 💪🏻 加油!!

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