Make-believe Bridesmaids / TVD photoshoot!

Dear Dayre,

Don't rain on my parade leh!!!

On the way to office now to prepare for shoot and it just started raining out of the blue!!!

Frantically checking the weather forecast and it seems that the rain is heaviest at the East.

We are heading to Hort Park for shoot later and I'm praying so hard the rain won't get to Hort Park too 🙏🏻

Rain stopped tentatively and then came back over here. Everyone please pray for me because re-scheduling and coordinating this shoot is going to be incredibly horrible 🙁 Especially for the styling team MerryLove because their job is so intensive!!

To think I already spent last Sunday slaving over this dress hahaha why ah 老天不要作弄我OK。

Make up in progress!!!

Ahhhh flowers have arrived 😍😍😍

YAYYYYY WE ARE ON THE WAY!! Powerpuff Girls to the rescue!!!

So so so glad the weather held up and in fact it was extraordinarily sunny!!!! 😰

We were all baking under the sun. And best of all I forgot to put any sunblock at all 😭

Nic showing us the frames behind the scenes!

Damn got feel hehehe I love the setup and props that @merryloveweddings did up for us!!

The girls looking pretty in the sky blue version of the dress!

It was so so so hot im sure I grew two shades darker. We were all perspiring like mad!

But hopefully it'll be worth it? 😁

It's been so long since my last shoot that I can't remember how awkward it feels like to be in front of the camera already 😂 Really very awkward one tsk!

Also forgot how hard it is to look nice when perspiration is plastering your fringe all over your face and your hair is a mess and the mozzies and houseflies are just making us itchy all over 😰

The sweet pink is really lovely 😍

Most of these are candid shots taken by my staff, Esther!

Can't wait to get my hands on the actual frames from Nic and start going through them 😆

Oh oh was so occupied today that I forgot to update on my #lesssaltdiet lunch! It was an open-face Thai omelette with sautéed radish/carrots, mango salsa salad, and walnuts/raisins!

Mega love for the mango salsa salad which I mixed together with the walnuts and raisins 😂 Very tangy and crunchy and sweet at the same time!

I microwaved my meal so it's nice and hot before consumption!

Came back home for my dinner:
Black pepper fish with Japanese pumpkin and black bean barley salad! And an orange 🍊

Best part about photo shoot is no time to even think about eat drink or pee HAHAHAHAHA 😂 And I guess I probably burnt some calories running around in the sun!


First photo edited from Nic's frames! Loveeeeeeeeeee

Most epic part of the shoot: we hijacked a real life bride to "borrow" her for a shot with our dresses.. 😂😂😂

Spotted the couple doing their wedding shoot 20m away and we got so excited 😂

The nice bride was really very obliging!!! Her photographer didn't want to agree because he said they were in a rush but i begged them to just give us two minutes for a quick photo!


Still can't believe we were so thick-skinned to do that! But it definitely had the intended effect we were going for!!

So so so so glad everything fell into place and went just about as well as it could.

Lol Esther also took a photo of us doing product placement using the pretty low-hanging branches after the main shoot was over 🙆🏻

Lots of effort and dedication went into today's shoot truly! Especially my skin tone confirm darker by another shade le 😔

Funniest group photo ever! If you're wondering why we are all slanted it's not because we were all lopsided it's because we were on a slope 😂😂😂

Thank you so much for the hard work, everyone!!!!

Hopefully all the brides (and bridesmaids) will love the dresses as much as we do 😍

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