Lancome Advanced Genifique: My secret to a youthful aura!

If you’ve been a long-time reader of mine, you’d know that I’ve been a huge fan of Lancôme skincare and makeup for many years!! Lancôme anti-aging skincare is the first ever anti-aging skincare that I’ve ever used, and I swear by it!

Ever since I moved on past my mid-twenties and am now approaching the 30s (!!!!!!), you can be sure that anti-aging is one of my top concerns when it comes to skincare products! Thankfully, I started using Lancôme Advanced Genifique almost two years ago (since 2013!).

Having a youthful aura is very important to me, especially as I place a lot of emphasis on my image, and meet so many people for work and business all the time. Strangers and first-time acquaintances are always shocked to know that I’m already approaching 30, because sometimes I’m even mistaken for a student, hehe. Makes me happy every time I hear that haha!

 I’m certain that it is all thanks to my religious routine with Lancôme Advanced Genifique that helps me maintain the youthfulness of my skin and gives me that youthful aura that’s so coveted by myself and all other women out there! 

When I feel youthful and fresh, it somehow translates into all other aspects of my life and gives me an extra boost of confidence and shine, no matter what I do!

 This little black bottle is pure magic.

Lancôme Advanced Genifique has scientifically proven its effectiveness in repairing and activating 10 visual and tactile signs that characterize youthful skin. For all skin types, Lancôme Advanced Genifique – the first and essential step of every beauty routine – is the solution for women who want to look younger. 

I love the innovative design of the iconic “little black bottle”, the self-loading dropper delivers the perfect amount of product for optimal optimisation!

Lancôme Advanced Genifique is formulated to repair and activate 10 key visible and tactile signs of youth, day and night. From the first drops, skin appears smoother, suppler, and more luminous. After just 7 days, it looks visibly rejuvenated. After 8 weeks, the 10 key signs of youth are significantly improved: it’s clinically proven.

I really like how the self-loading dropper is so fuss-free and easy to use! 

And the texture of Lancôme Advanced Genifique is amazing. It’s so light-weight and absorbs instantaneously, and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and supple.

The best part? No matter what your daily skincare regime is like, Lancôme Advanced Genifique can be added into your routine, and it even boosts the efficacy of other skincare products by up to THREE times! It can be used with any existing skincare products like your targeted correcting care (whitening, hydrating and etc) no matter what your primary concern is.

After all, no one can say no to a magic potion of youth, right?

My skincare regime goes like this:

Cleanser > Toner > Lancôme Advanced Genifique > Eye Cream > Serum (I alternate different serums depending on my skin condition on that day) > Moisturiser/Night Cream

No matter what skincare products I use, I just make sure to use Lancôme Advanced Genifique before the other products I apply, to boost their efficacy as well as give me my daily dose of anti-aging!

Key Benefits of Lancôme Advanced Genifique


•​Fine lines are diminished by 42%

•​Wrinkles are smoothed by 46%

•​More radiance 52%

•​More clarity 47%

•​More evenness 42% 


•​Texture is improved by 57%

•​Elasticity is improved by 50%

•​More tonicity 49%

•​Skin is firmer by 48%•

​Sagginess is reduced by 46%

Along with Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, I’ve also included two more products from the Genifique range into my regime: the Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminator, and Advanced Genifique Yeux Eye Concentrate!

I love Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminator especially, especially the incredibly innovative metal tip applicator! It feels really soothing on the skin and allows product application even in the most inaccessible areas around my eye contours. The massage pearl tip gives a cool sensation and refreshes my eyes instantly!

Now is the best time to get yourself a little black bottle, because right now, you can get Lancôme Advanced Genifique at an exclusive introductory price of only $98! (Usual price is $130)

•​ Offer ends 31 August 2015 •​ While stocks last ​•​

There is also a give-away that’s happening for Lancôme Advanced Genifique:

Share on Facebook/IG what the #YouthfulAura means to you/what is your secret to your #YouthfulAura and stand to win a bottle of Advanced Genifique!

Now you know my secret to youthful and healthy skin!

Find out more about  Lancôme Advanced Genifique and get your seven day trial by clicking on the link below!:


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