Day 3 and 600g down

Dear Dayre,

#lesssaltchallenge day 3!

I had two golden kiwis for breakfast, and this is lunch. A baked spinach omelette with green peas, this super nice sweet tapioca chunks and some honeydew cubes!

It's really a full meal and I'm very satiated right now.

Hoping to be really good today since I sort of cheated on days 1 and 2.

Shockingly, I'm about 600g lighter on the scale today as compared to day 1! And it's just been two days! Can you imagine how much water retention I was having?? 😨

Weight is just a number and all that yada yada.. But wah my sky-high salt intake must be a huge factor in causing water retention for me.

Pretty impressed with @lesssaltdietsg (👈🏻 you can find them on IG) as of now. Can't wait to see if the weight will carry on dropping over the next one and a half week hehehehe.

My mode of makeup recently has been *jump out of bed* * carry BB cushion out* *pats BB cushion on face while on car*

Cushion of choice at the moment! Sulwhasoo Brightening Cushion.

I love the glowy look and the coverage is great, enough to hide my blemishes and spots 🙊

Dinner: Baked asam fish with sauteed cauliflower and mash sweet potatoes! Damn yummy!

The fish was delicious. And I don't mind bland cauliflower as much as cai xin 😂

The lesssaltdiet meals are surprisingly flavorful especially on the sweet taste receptors due to the naturally sweet ingredients like the fruit, pumpkin, sweet potato etc!

But I have to say I miss that kick from salty food already and it's only day 3. Can I survive the rest of lesssaltchallenge?

Hello campers I just ended rehearsal but thanks to you all I feel obliged to Dayre more because you all are camping.

Good job on the new camping function @blog I guess it really works??!

Make me feel guilty only if I don't Dayre more.

Currently uberX-ing my way home now.

Looks like my favourite apps on my iPhone now are:

Not including the photo editing apps I use of which there are quite a few.

But yeah, uber is my main mode of transport recently apart from YZ, who says he's my private uber driver hahaha!

If you haven't downloaded Uber yet, please do yourself and also do me a personal favour because if you use my promo code "YINAG", I get $10 off my next ride! And so do you~~~

Help me save $10 okay? 😂

Can't wait to get back home after a 12-hour long day.

Posted this on snapchat a couple of days ago and I seriously wonder why my face has got a constellation of moles FML. Not sure if removing is an option because my moles are all quite small!

A different mask every night haha tonight I'm trying LUSH's BB seaweed mask! Lol trying to pamper my skin more cos it's been quite bad recently meh 🙁

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