Dear Dayre,

Back to work right after the long weekend, sigh!

Some ladies were asking about this coordinate previously when I posted it, so I'm happy to announce that its newly launched on!

Model looks super gorgeous as well in this two piece coordinate.

They are available separately but look just as good no matter if you pair it together or with your own tops/bottoms!

Here are the three colors available for both the top and the skirt. 😍 Classic trio of blue, black and white!

Black is very pretty too. I have multiple colors for both top and bottom because I find them so versatile.

The black version I was wearing for family dinner a couple weeks ago ☺️

Which is your favourite coordinate?

We shot this look book in collaboration with TFT Studio and Volkswagen Singapore, and the images were stunning!!

But this is what I actually looked like behind the scenes.


Screenshot from @bernadettebelle's snapchat….


Didn't want to get tanned la 🙁

We drove all the way to the far end of Singapore and shot at these gorgeous lallang fields at Punggol.

And then to a quiet airbase where we witnessed an incredible sunset 😍

Such is the unglam nature of the job. 😂

But seeing the gorgeous images make it worthwhile!

Honestly, it's pretty tough to run a business. On most days, I don't feel cut out for the job.

But it's also something that I love. So I'm not giving up on this.

Just like how parents would never give up on their baby, right?

Met the gfs @mariemjsoh @melissackoh @shiberty FINALLY!

But it was too short lah. Not even enough time to catch up properly! I demand another meet up soon please!

We went back to our favourite old spot: Pacamara! Always love the food here ❤️

Some of our must-orders: Truffle fries, Eggs Royale, Mac n cheese and Banana salted caramel toast.

All really good!

Always wish I had more time to spend on all the treasured friends in my life.

Nonetheless, a short catch up is better than none!


The ridiculous amount of photos we take always attract all kinds of weird stares lol 😂 Used to it liao. *Don't care anymore*

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