Dear Dayre,

Monday again!

Last Friday to support Tricia at the launch of her new designer capsule collection ❤️

Congratulations to my favourite little chili padi!

With a row of beautiful ladies!

All so prettz!!


On a happier note.. FINALLY MY HK FOOD POST IS UP!!!!!!!

✨ ✨

Photo shoot time now be backkkkk

Always so pooped after photoshoot 💩😴 But it was awesome to shoot with @ohchanelly after quite some time!!!

We experimented with a different kind of set up.. And I love how it turned out!

It was a good shoot though! We were hyper productive and got some really great work done teehee 😍

Some how I've been feeling very uninspired but I feel that inspiration is coming back to me!


And hello to @mmodissa who I bumped into while having dinner after work today hehe 👋🏻

Happily editing my frames now.

I love it when the lighting 打的好. Makes editing job so much easier! *pats self on back*

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