Dear Dayre,

Satisfying my froyo craving with a froyo parfait from Milk & Honey! Wasn't too bad but I didn't love the flavour I selected (Nuttilicious) it was pretty good but not Woah Kind of good (if you know what I mean..)


It took me two minutes to find this Friday sticker wtf. Like I know it exists but I just couldn't remember where or if it were a figment of my imagination.

But yesssss it's Friday!!!!

And man, this week has been a super busy week!

Recapping what I did this week…

TVD's new website

Spent a long night revamping TVD's website and am super pleased with it! I'm still tweaking it and making small changes here and there 🙌🏻 Love love love the refreshing new look!

If you haven't seen it yet, go to! Plus 5% off your order if you key in the discount code FB5OFF ☺️

Girls' night out

Girls' night out with @miss_pang and Shuen from RAD (Rent-A-Dress) despite a super long day of work and rehearsal..

Glad we had the catch-up because it was tons of fun and also insightful at the same time! I always enjoy speaking to business owners and entrepreneurs because the struggles we all go through are so real!

Plus Shuen is a super sweet girl and we have so much in common!

Spoke at a conference

My very first time being a panelist for a Youth Engagement Conference! It was a very good experience for me and I truly found it an interesting and informative session.

Recorded a song for an upcoming campaign

I spent the whole of Thursday "working" for an upcoming awareness campaign that includes recording a song at a recording studio! It's been a while since I stepped into a recording studio so it was super fun for me 😁 I love singing as you know 🙊

Spent time with family

Mama and I heh went out to the pub with parents! They very hips, they go a few times every week to play pool and sing KTV. Since it's their only "leisure" activity sometimes I join them to spend time with them!


Dad was so proud of his SG50 notes lol pulled them out to show me.

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