Triumph Pop-Up Store: Find The One!

Hey ladies!

Many of us love dressing up and wearing pretty clothes. But how important is your lingerie to you? Bet you didn’t know that seven out of every 10 women are wearing a bra in the wrong size/fit, and many women wear it in the wrong way!

It’s not like I can’t understand why: We all started out as teenagers with our moms doing the bra shopping for us, and to be honest, it took me until I was in my 20s to realise the important of good lingerie, really educate myself on undergarments and make sure that I was wearing the right bra, and in the right way!!

When you’re not wearing a well-fitted bra, it leads to a lot of issues like arm pit fats, back fats, saggy breasts and other unsightly problems that I’m sure none of you wish to have.

I really regret not knowing how to pick the right bra for myself earlier!! Back fats (those that bulge out above/under the bra band) are the bane of my life, man. It makes me feel super unconfident and unsexy when I know that those ugly bulges are showing up behind 🙁 And this is why I am soooo particular when it comes to bra-shopping! My perfect bra must fit me properly, be comfortable, support my assets well, and (very importantly) be able to look totally seamless under my clothing with NO armpit fats or back fats!

So how do you “Find The One”?

I’m super psyched to share with you about Triumph’s Glasshouse Pop-up Store right outside Robinsons, The Heeren, which is happening right now!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you more about Triumph, it’s the leading lingerie brand in Singapore and one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies!


From now till 12 July 2015, every woman who drops by at the pop-up store will receive a free and detailed fitting consultation by Triumph professional fit experts. On top of that, stand to win $1000* worth of Triumph vouchers when you get fitted with us!

And here’s the best part: You can trade in your old bra at the pop-up store and can purchase the Body Make-Up Jacquard bra at $20* only (U.P $89.90) and matching undies at $10* only (U.P $29.90)!

*Terms & Conditions apply.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!! You can trade in your old bras from ANY brand, and each customer can trade-in/exchange up to two sets each! 😀


Went down last Friday with a couple of my girlfriends, and we were all pretty excited. I actually enjoy bra-shopping a lot hahaha cos I love it when I find a bra that really fits me so well and makes me feel confident and sexy about myself!


Meiting, Evonne and myself at the Triumph pop-up store!


Triumph’s campaign “Stand Up For Fit” is really awesome, they aim to fit one million women in Asia and help each of us find the perfect fitting bra!

You might not realise that getting a well-fitting bra, regardless of the size, will give you a better shape  and make you look slimmer. After all, we all know that there’s nothing slimming about buying clothes a size too small – it makes one look fatter if anything – and it’s the same with bras. It’s all about having the confidence to buy the size you really need, as opposed to the size you think you ought to be!


There are other promotions going on at the Triumph Pop-Up Store too! 


You’ll see this adorable 3D character of Triumph and Sports Illustrated model, Hannah Ferguson, in a short animated movie created by Triumph to illustrate the life-changing experience of finding the right bra!


The really cute animated film is playing at the pop-up store, and I love how it’s so nicely done! Animated in song and dance, with a super catchy tune that’s now stuck in my head.

It was so fun, because a flash mob happened and the animated characters from the film “appeared” in real life and started dancing in front of us!



Love how they dressed up these dancers exactly the way the characters were dressed in the film, so cute!


Of course, the message from Triumph to all of us ladies is how important it is to find the perfect bra!


Then it was my turn to get all fitted up!


Professional fitting is important because we might not know how to do it ourselves properly, so why not seek help from the experts?


It was very intriguing because they had an app where your measurements could be keyed in and then your body shape would be automatically calculated!

“S” is Evonne la not me. So jelly of her “S” figure cos I am a pear-shaped “A”! There’s also “I”, “O” and “Y”!

If you’re curious to know just what all those letters mean:
Y shape: For those with a wider shoulders and smaller hips.
S shape: For the hourglass figure
I shape: For those with a straight figure
O shape: For those who are more voluptuous
A shape: For those with a smaller top frame and a wider hips area

Nonetheless, regardless of what shape you are, you can still look proportionate and attractive by picking the right undergarments and wearing the right clothes! 🙂

It’s shopping time!



There’s a huge huge huge range of lingerie at Triumph, so regardless of what you need, you’d be sure to find it!


Okay, we were all amazed with this Triumph Maximizer Aqua Padding! For the most natural and yet effective kind of cleavage. Sort of reminds me of breast implants except these are put into the bras and not your body (so so so much less scary).


I found a bra I REALLY liked, whoop!! Traded in an old and battered bra, what an awesome deal :X



All three of us went home very pleased after finding “The One”! 😉


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