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Dear Dayre,

Overeating no joke. Durians all day errday and today my mom just called me to ask me to go home to eat $117 (for 2) durian and chilli crab!!!!


Above is wakame salad that I had for lunch yesterday to try to make up for all the sinful food but I think I haven't managed to negate any of the damage yet hahahaha

My dad is hilarious.

FRIGHT θžƒθŸΉ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and he emphasized on his "ι‘ΆηΊ§" durian!! Better be damn good so it's worth my calories πŸ™Š So loved to have family πŸ’—

Yesterday, I attended Sulwhasoo's flagship boutique opening at Capitol Building!! Which is just across the road from Raffles City at Cityhall!

Ever since I first tried Sulwhasoo, I've been a convert to the brand!!

Their products are just 😍😍😍 Super good la. Works for me anyway! I like their First Care Activating Serum and the Capsulized Ginseng Serum soooo much!!!

Been trying to use it sparingly cos it's not cheap >.< But it's so good! It really makes my skin feel very nourished and moisturized esp when I have dry skin.

All the gorgeous ladies in white!

And with the sweet girls from Touch Comms! Thanks for the invite 😍

That's Isabel and Trainer Lee from Sulwhasoo. They're a crazy energetic and fun team!

Hahahaha poor Korean staff from Sulwhasoo got bullied by us into posing for photos πŸ˜‚

Super accommodating.

Anyways, so happy to bring home the First Care Activating Serum! I've been trying the new Sulwhasoo Brightening Cushion too! Will review it once I've used it a few more times.

Sulwhasoo is like my newly-crowned favorite Korean skincare brand 😁✨ Apart from Laneige and VDL!

I like my top! It's an upcoming piece on TVD ☺️ Very comfortable and light-weight and it has a nice kimono-esque tie sash design!

Today, I touched up my lash extensions at Graceous and look what I did!! Tried special colored lash extensions at the ends of my eyes and they are really very pretty leh!!

I've tried purple and pink before which are quite subtle. Today I tried a pastel turquoise and it turned out so nice! Very very interesting effect!

Cool hor?

I've raved about Graceous's Japanese eyelash extensions since forever but they were always fully booked for months so I kind of stopped recommending them to people!

But now Graceous has a new branch at Purvis Street which is just a short walk from Bugis/Cityhall!

And the new branch director Mimi-san is just as good as Nao-san!!

Was having such a good time napping today while getting the lash extensions put on hahahaha. I don't know why it's just so comfortable I fall asleep every time!

That's pretty Nao-san and the very kawaii Mimi-san! Please excuse my groggy just-woke-up dishevelledness πŸ˜…

I honestly think that lash extensions are one of the best inventions of mankind. I haven't used mascara or falsies in ten thousand years! So convenient.

Can you spot the pretty turquoise accents at the ends of my eyes?

I'll try to take a clearer photo in day light tomorrow!!

I know some girls are fearful of lash extensions because it seems like such a dangerously delicate procedure and if not done properly may damage your eyelashes or cause them to fall out!

Well these are my naked lashes after more than a year of lash extensions and I think they don't look that bare?

To be sure, you may notice more lash fallout because of accidental tugging or even just cuz it's more obvious now with the extensions, but I don't think they cause your lashes to turn sparse too.


This is why I love the extensions. They make my lashes look so natural and long and fluttery OMG.

Best part is don't need to use mascara anymore. Coz cleansing mascara off is a bitch.

Here is the price list:

You can quote my name for 20% off first time!

Typically my lashes can last damn long, like 4-6 weeks probably because I'm very used to having extensions and I don't accidentally rub or pluck them off.

Cleansing has to be more gentle around the eye area so a cotton bud or pad doused with micellar cleansing water works best for me.

Apart from that, lash extensions are a godsend. So so so so time-saving! ✨

Graceous Bugis is located at 26A Purvis Street (Level 3)!

For phone bookings: 6837 0552
For SMS bookings: 8799 2454


Happy day. LLAOLLAO!!!!

ζˆ‘θ―΄θ¦controlιƒ½ζ˜―ε‡ηš„. ηœ‹εˆ°Llaollaoζˆ‘ε°±ζ˜―δΈͺι‡Žε…½.

Durians and Chilli crab together with my darling mumsy.

I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils Hahahaha WHACK ONLY.

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