Gloomy Sunday / Blogging is dead?

Dear Dayre,

I'm checking into Quincy today for staycation! Just one night lah. But feeling very extremely nua today and I haven't even packed or dressed up or made up (waiting for YZ) to come back from work.

Actually we had a small tiff last night and guess what it's about me being anti-social wtf just when I dayre-ed about how I don't like to socialize sometimes.

Long story short he doesn't want me to come across as arrogant or "dao" to his friends or act like I'm some big shot blogger but I'm like wtf again.

Since when do I act like a "big shot blogger"??!!!!

I tell you hor. I hate telling people I'm a blogger. And actually I hate it when people introduce me as a "popular blogger" except sometimes bo bian like I said when it's part of the job.

I have to tan jiak, that one no choice.

But in general, I really feel very paiseh and dislike being introduced as a "blogger" and if any random people ask me what my job is usually I say I'm self-employed or I have an online apparel business (which is the truth also).

In fact I have never seen myself as "a blogger who also has an online apparel store". I see myself as "An online apparel store owner who also happens to write a blog".

Got difference to me, I don't know if there's a difference to you.

So back to this tiff we had, basically YZ does not want his friends to have an ill impression of me or find me stuck up or arrogant or rude or antisocial.

But I'm quite upset because I REALLY DO TRY TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE FRIENDLY WITH HIS FRIENDS. It's not that I don't try. But just because of one particular thing (which is me not replying in whatsapp grp chats sometimes) and a few isolated incidents he made a huge sweeping statement about how his friends and colleagues find me unfriendly.

I don't want people to say you behave like you are a big shot blogger."

I mean I totally understand lah I also won't want people to think my husband is unfriendly or unsociable.

I'm just 针对 the point that I act like a big shot or I'm arrogant and unfriendly and dao.

Sibei sian to hear you know.


It's just a small matter la. Just ranting to get it off my chest. Everything will be fine soon!

Speaking of blogging and all that,

I have to say I've been guilty of not blogging as frequently as I used to. It's easier to update on social media platforms like Dayre and Instagram as compared to my blog.

To be honest, I don't know if people are even still interested to read my blog.

Ever since Dayre came into the picture, I've actually shifted my candid thoughts and very random daily happenings and stuff on Dayre, as opposed to writing it on my blog nowadays.

Actually, does anyone still read online blogs anymore (I mean you guys here)?

Of course I love my blog still and I thought that my blog is better to post about very specific information, for instance travel posts with lots of photos and information, or wedding posts, product reviews/ads that can be easily searched for via blog (cos it's very hard to look for content in Dayre too).

After blogging for so many years, you can see how the blog and social media scene has really evolved so much over the years.

Although I started blogging before I started TVD, I think TVD made a name for itself, and somehow along the way I got picked up by Nuffnang as well as grew a following on social media.

And I always wonder, Who are you and where do you come from? Why do you follow me?

Because there are like ten thousand online stores and just as many owners who are all very active on social media and blogs, and I'm just one of many, of course.

And too many influencers to even count.

Use one stone throw into a crowd of people also will hit a few who have a huge following on IG and all that.

I think I'm just a bit lost now in this whole blogging scene because it has become so commercial.

And as long as you are pretty, have a nice figure and take Instagram-worthy photos then you can now proclaim yourself an *Influencer*! I'm not saying that all the pretty girls with nice figures and Instagram-worthy photos are nasty people or anything ok. Many of them are really nice people and of course I just hate them for being skinny and chio.

Just that there are so so so many pretty girls.

So I guess I just wanna ask you as a reader, what is it that makes you want to read or follow a person, and what kind of content would you like to see!

Also wondering to myself what makes a good "influencer" I don't know what better word to use but yeah!

Just random thoughts going through my head right now.


One thing that bothers me is that blogs are now so public. I cannot anyhow post anymore. Everything must add filter just like how I can only post pretty photos on IG.

At least Dayre is *slightly* less stressful cuz I don't worry so much about whether the photo damn chio or will get how many likes or not.

Sitting at Quincy's Living Room having tea by myself and taking photos of myself having tea by myself cuz my husband is sleeping in the hotel room and feeling sorry for myself but still must take nice photos 😞

But that being said their red velvet cake (free-flow refreshments from Dean and Deluca) is really so yummy!!! Love cream cheese frosting. Let me 肥死吧.

Ok I know I should make up with hubby but it seems like no one wants to make the first move. (We are not quarreling or anything anymore it's just like being very civil but not like usual)

ARGHHHH I hate this part lor.

Okay birthday boy happy liao hahahahahaha (His birthday is on the 9th)

Quincy was so nice to surprise him with a birthday cupcake and I think that sweetened his mood hehe. Plus I gave in lah and started being affectionate to him first.


这个长不大的男孩真容易哄 🙊

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