Froth / Camera Give-away! πŸ“·βœ¨

Dear Dayre,

Last night at Froth Cafe! Taro waffles were 😍😍😍

Yes on juice cleanse hahahah but I stole a few bites here and there lah. So that I can tell you what is nice πŸ˜‚

And I loved the taro waffles! Light and fluffy and it went so well with the earl grey ice cream! There were also these little balls of sweet taro mash that really complemented everything.

The mushroom tempura was popular with us too!

These cool looking ones are enoki mushroom. Then there are other mushrooms like shiitake.

This was very good! Doritos crust spicy winglets. They are de-boned too! You know how addictive Doritos are. Can you imagine crushed Doritos used as crust? 😍

Sorry you can't really see what it looks like but it was soooo yums! It's quite spicy though, so for the non-spicy eaters, beware πŸ˜…

Cheesy lobster mentaiko burger!

Not bad if you like meitaiko and cheesy food. I felt the lobster was quite normal though! Not as sweet and succulent as I expected.

Mixed fries comprising of truffle potato fries, sweet potato fries and yam fries 😍 The portion was huge!!!

Surprisingly, everyone loved the taro fries! I liked all three heh. Can't decide which is better. Good for sharing in a group!

Tomyam seafood risotto that was a pretty generous portion as well!

I think it'd be jelat if one person had it all but it's great for sharing!

We were so greedy and ordered this Speculoos milkshake to share too! It was super duper rich but very yummy. Sweet though. Again, I think it's good for sharing, having the whole thing by yourself would be quite impossible.

Including this dish… We ordered a total of four sides πŸ™Š

Spam fries! I didn't try this but it was finished up by everyone else so it must have been good πŸ˜‚

So in total we had four different kinds of fries all together πŸ˜…

The company! ❀️ Now with a new mummy-to-be and two of us newly weds πŸ˜‚ We are growing old. But so exciting!

@steffyduffyy @ceejayam @wendyx @felicianeo @deborahpar

My favourite taro waffle deserves one more shot!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

The bill came up to about $20 per pax! Pretty affordable by cafe standards.

If you're wondering what camera I use.. I'm using an Olympus E-PL5 for all these shots and most of the photos you see on my social media!


I've been using Olympus for years and I love it. Hardcore user since the very first version, E-P1!

And in case you don't know, I'm giving away an Olympus E-PL7!!!! Worth $700+++! Deadline to take part in this contest is 25 July.

Details on how to win it on the blog 😍


This camera takes awesome selfies, food photos, OOTDs, and landscapes too!

All taken with my Olympus E-PL ❀️

OOTDs etc…

So pop over to the blog to find out how to take part!

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