Free Uber / Weird taxi uncles / Weekend & Reminiscing

Dear Dayre,

I swear Uber is my new best friend recently hahahaha.

I've barely been booking regular taxis anymore because it's usually easier and cheaper to get an UberX!

Oh if you key in my promo code "YinaG" you get $20 off your first ride.

I prefer Uber over Grab most of the time. Though it's true that Uber gets a lot of bad press. But I have met many interesting drivers on the job! I've met a Silkair pilot, a Chinese PR, an insurance agent, and even one very rare female driver.

I like seeing all the car icons moving around on the map LOL. And no my location is not in the middle of Bedok Reservoir… Obviously!

It's actually very very fascinating to talk to all the different Uber drivers. Most of them are very young and are very savvy and educated folks. Many of my rides are quite entertaining hahaha.

There was once I called an UberX and a huge 8 seater van appeared and gave me a fright 😱 But actually it was the same UberX rate lol.

I also find the cashless payment super convenient! With your card details in the app, you don't have to worry about carrying cash or cards. Just hop on and then hop off at the destination, totally fuss-free.

Random issue that I've encountered so many times with taxi drivers. I've always felt that I look and sound quite Singaporean Chinese, so it always puzzles me why so many taxi drivers like to ask me about my nationality and ethnicity.


It's like sometimes I just step into a taxi only and the driver hasn't even taken a good look at me (maybe only from the rear view mirror?) but will make a comment like "你应该不是新加坡人hor" or "你不像华人leh!" Etc etc.

Totally don't understand. Got taxi driver ask me if I'm Thai, Vietnamese, PRC, Taiwanese, mixed blood or just insist that I'm not Singaporean Chinese wtf.

Maybe also I speak Chinese too proper (after going through Chinese artiste development class last time) so I always kena this "你讲话不像新加坡人leh!" Or maybe it's because of my lisp and I can't pronounce "S" properly on some words so I sound strange 😭

100% Singaporean Chinese leh. I want to be mix also mix 不到. Only mix Teochew and Cantonese wtf is that considered mixed blood?

Strange taxi drivers 一个两个.

One time hor better still this taxi driver gave me a free-of-charge 算命 😂

He asked me what my profession was and said I had the aura of a "明星 aka super star" and guessed that I was in the entertainment industry 😂 (Erm, social media industry counted?)

Then went to say my facial features were very good and my "人缘" 很好 and all kinds of things.

Usually I quite politely let them talk and carry on while I just do my own stuff on my phone and don't really pay very close attention.


But I have to say those weird taxi uncles are usually the older Chinese uncle drivers in regular taxis. I haven't gotten all these nationality and ethnicity comments from Uber drivers as much!

I had a super foodie weekend with my friends and loved ones ❤️❤️❤️

So so so good to catch up over yummy meals! But I need to control abit liao I've been overeating 😭 Going to be more mindful of the diet from tomorrow onwards and I'm arranging for a juice cleanse soon haha need to stop wanting to eat all the time 😂

If you aren't following me on snapchat (@yinagoh) you're missing out on all the food 🙊 Though I guess next week will be just me and a lot of juices (I think I'll be juice cleansing on Thursday!)

Woon brought us to this Japanese restaurant at Suntec City Mall called Sushi Goshin and their aburi sushi is legit!

I feel like it's better than Sushi Bar leh (which I went to as well today)

You have to order the Foie Gras sushi because it's so good!! $4 for a piece.. Slightly pricey but worth it 😋 It's amazingly melt-in-your-mouth and crazy delicious!!

The salmon aburi and unagi sushi were especially good to me too. And and and the hotate aburi sushi!

I like how their sushi has very little rice in comparison to the ingredients. Shiok!

We really ate up a storm and our final bill came up to almost $60 per pax 😅 能吃是福!!!

The staff at the counter was so funny and said that looking at the four of us she wouldn't have been able to tell that we could eat like men 😂

Tested and proven that we can eat a lot. After dinner at Suntec City Mall we still walked over to Chjimes for dessert and drinks!

1.2l jug of Apple Cider Sangria for $48. Kind of disappointing because it's not really that great a sangria.

This super amazeballs chocolate peanut butter tart with ice cream totally made the trip down to Prive worth it though.

The ice cream had caramelized bits in it and the combination was too good!

My gorgeous GFs 💕

I've known these girls since before social media took over my life and I remember one of my first blog posts on livejournal….

Oh my tian 😂😂😂

Dug up this photo from my livejournal blog from 2009, 7 whole years ago! Scary.

It's always fun to read old blog entries and reminisce!! You know, I used to write damn emo posts ok. And my England was sooooo powderful.

Wonder where all my English language aptitude went to nowadays. And when I see people writing or communicating in English that is too fanciful, I find it pretentious instead.

I don't think I would ever write like this anymore? Hahahahahaha. It's almost embarrassing.

But I'm quite impressed with my vocabulary and expressiveness I must say.

Seems that I've decided that being a simpler person makes life easier and I don't need to be so deep all the time anymore.

Or maybe I grew out of being emo nemo 21-year-old girl.. Hahaha.

Also at some point of time, writing became for a wider audience and it didn't come as freely and unbiased-ly as it did at the start.

It's amazing to realize that I've been on dayre for almost TWO years!!!

Since around November 2013! I just tried to track back to my first few entries, heh.

I remember how I attempted to write daily in Dayre because the previous archives page was like a little calendar and if you had posted something daily there would be a dot on every day's date to indicate the presence of a Dayre entry.

Didn't want to break that streak so I made sure to update daily even if it was back-dated!

It got too exhausting at one point so I sort of stopped 😭 But I still try to update regularly because I really really enjoy it eh! It's like writing in a diary except better, cos of the interactions with fellow Dayre-ians.

One of my first few entries that got very personal was my life story that you can find if you go to #yinalifestory.

It's so sweet when I look at the comments by fellow Dayre-ians on that post and saw so many familiar names that I still find interacting on Dayre now! 🙆🏻❤️

Familiar names like @huirulau @aiclay @iamlaoniang @angelagiselle @lindear @skylerette @smileypill @jazreeltan @thbellevue @yiqians @doodlesofjoy and many more… 😍😍😍

Makes my heart feel warmer tonight ☺️

Sharing all my happy moments and sometimes not so happy ones, reflective and introspective, daily life and doings~~

All the nights I couldn't sleep and spent tapping away furiously on my phone despite having ten thousand better things to do (for instance, WORK.) just like what I'm doing right now 😂

YZ always falls asleep before I do usually. Sometimes I look at YZ and I have this strange sense of detachment and wonder at how I'm sharing a bed with this once-unfamiliar man who is going to be next to me for the rest of our lives.

It's that weird kind of feeling when you take a close look at the nearest object around you and find it completely alien and foreign. So strange huh?

Oh well, enough of the random thoughts. New week ahead 💪🏻 I'm gonna make it a good one!

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