Exam Results / YZ’s Birthday!

Dear Dayre,



It took soooo long longer than the expected three weeks.

And no one told me I received the letter (which came yesterday) until I saw it lying in another package that came for me yesterday, earlier today.

So most importantly…..

I PASSEDDDDDDDD with distinction! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Despite the short notice and last minute nerves hehehehehe.

Although the comments had a lot of stuff about my pitching and dynamic control lah. But apparently I won with feel gao gao cos I got 30/30 for communication πŸ˜‚

This examiner must be quite lenient 😁

Sooooo happy I got a distinction! 😁😁😁


… this was an accomplished performance showing personality and style

Gonna show the results slip to my voice teacher during lesson later and I'm sure she'll be happy too ☺️

Though now I need to consider if I want to carry on taking voice lessons and working towards the Advanced performance certificate which is basically professional level already.

My voice teacher Anna says it may take another two years before I'm ready, and that the advanced exam is a lot more challenging. You'll be required to sing longer arias and pieces that are more difficult.

My biggest consideration is that it's quite a commitment to have weekly voice lessons, both on my time and finances. The lesson fees add up to a pretty significant amount (I calculated. If I go for voice lessons every week, I'll be paying thousands annually 😭)

But I do want to carry on seeking further progress because I think there's way a lot of room for improvement in my vocal abilities.


Oh well!

See how first lah! Even if I get my advanced performance cert, I'm not sure if it will lead to anything for me. It'll just be something for myself to achieve on a personal level.

Anyway, it's YZ's birthday today!!!!

Family celebration last night with steamboat at home plus a cake celebration!

The cake that Sam specially made for YZ. Heh! Peanut butter chocolate cake with M&Ms for the M&M and peanut butter lover!

Sam is working at Baker's Brew Studio now! They do cake commissions as well as baking classes and bake sales. Cool stuff. (@bakersbrewstudio on IG!)

Small family celebrations are the most precious ☺️

And the kids had so much fun eating the fondant versions of YZ and I 😨

Poor de-capacitated YZ.

Just ended my voice lesson and Anna was super happy with the results too! 😁😁😁 She said they were very good!

We discussed about the next level exam and she thinks I can make it for end of next year to take the advanced certificate if all goes well!

Then I will be a certified classical singer hahahahahaha.

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