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Daebak Saturday! 🍗🍖🎤

Dear Dayre,

Dressed-down Saturday! In the Mesh-It Tshirt Dress that's on backorder on www.thevelvetdolls.sg 💕

I'm heading out with YZ for foot reflex before meeting some friends for Korean BBQ dinner!!!

Mad excited to eat after juicing for the most of three days!

It was a last minute decision to arrange for tonight's dinner hehe but that's what long weekends are for, right??

💕 Had a super good time at Korean BBQ dinner!!!

Gosh I love Korean BBQ so much 🙊 Not sure if I prefer steamboat or Korean BBQ… But both are so wonderful especially when it's a good meal with close friends! 😋

I love meat so much and I think Korean BBQ beats Thai Mookata because the quality and cut of the meats used for Korean BBQ is usually better. Also, Mookata can be annoyingly hard to cook with the dome-shaped grill.

Another plus point for Korean BBQ is the lettuce 😂

I must wrap every single piece of meat I eat in lettuce! It's a good way to get my fibre and greens in with all the protein, and I like the crunchy sharp contrast to the tasty meat and sauce. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Secondly, Korean army stew is just too comfort food ❤️ And the one at Wang Dae Bak is quite generous with chunks of pork belly and luncheon meat and sausages in it!

@Evonnz would love it. We were pretty crazy over army stew when we were in Seoul last year and two of us finished off a big pot by ourselves!

I had to control myself with the army stew because my stomach space is meant for MEAT 😂

Yum yum!

This is a set for 2 pax ($48? I think) with Prime rib, pork belly, pork loin and marinated chicken!

It was 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

On top of that we ordered an additional serving of pork belly and pork shoulder! Soooooo good!

But one of my absolute favourite things about Wang Daebak is….

Do you see that yellow "moat" around the meat grill!

It's an omelette-cooking pan! I've not seen this special kind of grill with the omelette part at other restaurants.. Only Wang Dae Bak! And I'm in love with the grilled omelette too 🙊 It's just grilled omelette but it adds a nice touch to the meal!

Just look at the egg omelette cooking in the moat.. 😍

Not sure how we managed to finish this Kimchi pancake on top of everything else 😂

If I had to choose one item to remove from our meal it might be the Kimchi pancake~ Not because it's not good but it was sooooo big, more suited to 6-8 pax as a side dish lah.

Pro-tip is to grill this over the BBQ grill when it gets cold so it becomes crispy hot again 😋

My stomach was happy and satisfied at the end of the meal!

💸 Damage: $167++, around $40 per pax for a super fully belly, worth it!

One of my favourite eating companions ❤️ Teehee we both love food and can eat a lot! Only difference is I don't know where all the food goes to when Woon eats it. It's like her stomach is a black hole because she's so skinny.

Don't you hate your friends who are like that 😭

Wang Dae Bak is pretty good in terms of food and value-for-money but they are quite under-staffed and on the two occasions that I've been there, service has always been on the slow side.

(For instance when you ask for more lettuce/kimchi/garlic or whatever, expect it to take a while or you may even have to ask a few times to get it)

Another minus point is that it's super smelly and you're gonna leave the place smelling like Korean BBQ 😂 Unless you're lucky enough to get a table outside!

We also booked a table in advance and saw other customers being turned away when we arrived for our slot at 8.30PM. It was fully booked on Saturday night. So I recommend you call and book in advance if you wanna dine there!

Disclaimer: YZ says he's had better Korean BBQ elsewhere*


Feeling so spontaneous that we booked an impromptu KTV session too right after Korean BBQ.. I haven't done that in so long! Feels good to be young again 😂

Sorry I spammed Snapchat nonstop with our KTV videos

KTV sessions with Woon ❤️ She's an amazing singer and I enjoy dueting with her so much!

This is "Jars of Hearts"


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