BFF Style with Olympus Pen Workshop! (Camera Give-Away)

If you don’t already know, I’ve always been a huge huge fan of Olympus cameras, and I have been using Olympus for the past 5 years! My first Olympus camera (the E-P1) had me falling in love with the brand, and ever since then, I have been a staunch supporter of Olympus and its Micro4/3 system, using the Electronic PEN series all the way til date with my E-PL5 🙂

I’m so delighted to announce that I’m now one of Olympus’ PEN ambassadors, together with my two girlfriends who are also toting Olympus cameras (thanks to my persistent encouragement haha many of my friends now own Olympus cameras too!), and we are proud to share the love for Olympus and show you what an Olympus can do!

A few weeks ago, Evonne and I held a workshop for our fans and followers to share more about the newest addition to the PEN series, the Olympus E-PL7, as well as our own personal tips and tricks on styling, makeup and photography: It was a super fun session!!

We invited 15 of our readers and their BFFs, and it was a really nice and cozy session!

And of course, styling with TheVelvetDolls apparel is a must!

One of the fun things about the E-PL7 is that it’s not just a good camera, it’s also extremely stylish. With the Olympus’ My PEN, My Style online personalisation service, you can customise the camera with different coloured camera skins, dress it up with various fashionable camera straps and even accessorise with a trendy-looking camera bag! And this is made really easy with Olympus’ My PEN, My Style online customisation service!

Big black cameras are definitely out now, we ladies need our cameras just as good-looking as they function!

I also invited my dear model Chanel down to be our demo model, and Evonne demonstrated a few different looks on Chanel with various lip colors, courtesy of MAC 😉

Here’s Chanel looking gorgeous in TheVelvetDolls’s Aztec Jacket and Katy Trumpet Dress!

I even did a short makeup demo on how to draw eyebrows with MAC’s new Fluidline for brows 🙂

Thanks for entrusting me with your brows, Gina!! 

I think many of the ladies were interested to know how to take a good OOTD/selfie, which was one of the topics we shared a lot about! Hehe. It’s all about the lens too, because the Olympus E-PL7 has got interchangeable lenses which can be swapped for different purposes, depending on what you want to shoot!

My top pick for selfies is definitely the 17mm F1.8! This is the lens that is by default my to-go camera lens, not just for selfies, because it’s so very versatile and yet takes super good quality photos!   The PEN Customisation – My PEN, My Style lets you pick and choose the lens that fits with your photography style. Whether you like to take selfies, OOTDs or food shots, Olympus range of lens will take your next shot to the next level.

Most importantly, let’s not forget the best function ever invented for cameras: WIFI with the touch of a button that allows you to transfer your photos instantly from camera to smart phone! It’s super easy connect to your smartphone via the Olympus Image Share application with a quick scan of the QR code.

The Wi-Fi function lets you to transfer photos from the camera to your smartphone and allows you to operate the camera from your phone, so you can use your phone like a remote shutter!

Now you know my little secret to all my photos on social media.. Photos from my PEN E-PL7 are just way higher quality than smartphone camera photos!


Hopefully all the ladies who attended the workshop had tons of fun and left happy with newfound knowledge!

Thank you so much for coming down for the workshop, ladies!!

A group shot all together 😀

All the participants left with super awesome goodie bags too, lucky ladies!

Here’s the exciting news.. I’m giving away one Olympus PEN E-PL7 Customised camera (skin and strap of reader’s choice) from My PEN, My Style. 

Here’s how to take part in the contest/give-away!

1. Take a creative selfie or OOTD shot 

2. Post your selfie/OOTD on Instagram and describe to us what would be the PEN E-PL7 of your choice. Visit the My PEN, My Style page to find out about the various customisation options!
Eg. My ideal customised PEN E-PL7 will be a white camera body with fiery red camera skin and a matching polka dot neck strap 

3. Hashtag #OlympusPEN #MyPENMyStyle 

Results will be announced on my blog on 25 July, so stay tuned!!

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