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Dear Dayre,

Made it through my Wednesday unscathed (sort of)

I had to wake up at 8am for a work event at 9.15am… Not to sound spoilt but I don't usually have to be at work by 9.15 so it's very early for me 😴 But it was fun!! So stay tuned on my snapchat and other social media channels where I'll share more soon πŸ™Š

I wore the Aztec Mono jacket from #thevelvetdolls!

Very gorgeous piece 😍 The embroidered fabric is just love lah. Makes my entire outfit look classy by just throwing it on.

Because of requests I've also opened back order for the Mesh-It tshirt dress! I kept this for myself too cuz it's so easy to throw on 😎 Just a note that the mesh part is sort of see through so I suggest wearing safety shorts if you're worried about accidental exposure πŸ˜…

Yesterday, I was flipping through some old photo albums because I was looking for old photos to use for one of my blog ads.

And I came across some photos that left me amazed πŸ˜‚

To put things in context, here's a family photo taken this year!

Usually when people see me and my family members, they will comment that Gina @zuanqing looks like Mum, and Lina looks like Dad. We've always joked that I got picked up from the trash bin cos I don't *really* resemble either parent very much.

Lina looks a little like me, but just that bit. Hahaha. U know how some siblings look so alike you know for sure they all came out from the same factory πŸ˜‚

Well that's not us~

Until I came across these two photos that were on two consecutive pages of an old photo album!


I am truly my father's daughter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

(Sent the photos to my family grp chat and Lina collaged it and added the words 99% alike LOL)

Yes yes don't judge that was my ugliest phase of growing up. 11 year old chubby girl who thought she so cute still tie two ponytails πŸ‘§πŸ»

Dad used to be fatter too πŸ˜‚ What bad photos of us. Sent it to my dad and he was quite amused hahaha.

But he was all like,
"当焢啦!δ½ δΈεƒζˆ‘δ½ εƒθ°?"

Papa and I on wedding day!

I've always been a daddy's girl! Back when I was a kid, I used to follow my dad all over the place. My dad's a really cool guy and in his younger days, he used to be very active and adventurous. He likes outdoor stuff and I'd follow him on his trips to the fish farm (in fact daddy's famous for being a very well-known arowana fish hobbyist and even been on TV) and go jet skiing with him to Pulau Ubin.

My grandma and aunts always told me Dad doted on me more because I was born 2 months preemie and nearly died a few times when I was born.

And he spent a lot of money on my hospitalization bills because of that too.

Thankful that I grew up healthy and daddy always reminds me about how much he spent on me when I was a baby.

I'll jokingly tell him "AIYO, your investment pay off leh!! See your daughter, so pretty and capable and talented. Good hor?"

JOKINGLY HOR 不是在haolian πŸ˜‚

While my sisters followed mummy to the shopping malls, I'd hang out with Daddy and go do cool outdoorsy stuff.

So I was super tom boy until I hit my teenage years!

Love my papa!

These are the Goh sisters. Hahaha we all look super geeky and weird in this photo πŸ˜‚

When we were younger, Gina and I used to bully Lina and order her around cos she was the youngest. And she was super irritating too geez! Good thing she grew out of it eventually.

I look slightly like Mummy in this photo instead, but I think when I was a kid I really didn't look like either parent πŸ˜‚

But I wish I had more of my mom's looks because she's soooooo pretty!!!

I found this photo of mummy looking like a HK movie star! 😍 I showed mummy this photo and she said "HUH, this hairstyle so aunty, where got nice?"

So I told her "ε“Žε‘€ mummy δ½ δΈζ‡‚ηš„ε•¦ now 桁葌 Korean style leh!!!"

My mother is the first generation and forerunner of selfies and OOTDs, no joke!

Ahead of trend by ten years πŸ˜‚

Cant imagine if she were born in the social media era.. Maybe she become singapore top fashion blogger liao.

Anyhow flip album will see her OOTD.

She is extreme hiao okay. More hiao than me I dare say.

Mummy works for daddy at my dad's market stall and she's known as the "ηŒͺ肉嫂", and "ε·΄ζ€δΉ‹θŠ±" 🌹

Unfortunately the only thing I inherited from Mummy are her big hips πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Not her nice nose or full lips or super small face shape 😩

Also found another photo of me in that hideous pink top during my fattest period πŸ˜“ ι‚£δΈͺζ°΄ζ‘Άθ…°…..

Were your parents strict with you when you were a child?

I think my parents (or rather my dad) were super crazy strict with us.

Whenever we did something wrong, we would get caned. If we gei kiang hide the cane, lagi better, dad would give us $2 and send us to the mama shop downstairs to buy new one πŸ˜‚ If not he would whip us with his belt instead 😭

I grew up with a healthy fear and respect for my dad back in my childhood days all the way until I was like 20 something?

When we were young, Daddy hardly spoilt us & he made sure that we worked hard for our privileges.

I remember my primary school allowance being only $2 a week!

That is super pathetic even by primary school standards lol.

Basically I got 40 cents a day (5 days a week) and I'd δΊ€ι’± to the noodle stall auntie every Monday, as advance payment for a bowl of noodles every recess.

No additional transport allowance or spending allowance of any sort because we walked about 2km plus to school every day and back.

I used to cheat my dad into giving me extra money sometimes by saying I needed to buy extra school books and tuition books πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But he was really so strict with us that getting extra money off him was like striking 4D man.

Sometimes on Saturday (after CCA, or last time we called it ECA hahaha old skool era), I'd walk over to Serangoon Central where dad's stall is and try to get an extra $5 off him so that I could have a Macdonalds meal with my friends πŸ™Š

Money matters aside, Dad was super strict with us in all other aspects too. I guess because both him and mummy weren't educated, they wanted us three to have the best shot at education.

Call it tough love or whatever, but even if we scored 99/100, my dad wouldn't even praise us, but would ask "How come you didn't get 100/100?"

He'd punish us for bad grades by stripping us of privileges (like he locked up my hamster cage so I couldn't play with my beloved pets -.-) or even physical punishment like making us kneel in front of the altar for an hour.

It didn't really work for me cos I was naturally a very lazy child πŸ˜‚ I was just not interested in studies and I got through school by copying homework of my classmates and erm cheating during 听写 and stuff like that 😬

During lessons, I'd either be napping away, or hide a storybook inside my textbook/under my table and sneakily read my storybook while the teachers were droning on and on in class.

Obviously the only subjects I excelled in were English and Literature (in secondary school)!

Poor parents didn't know what to do with me and tried their best to control me, which made me even more rebellious.

Thankfully I sort of grew out of that phase when I left secondary school and entered a course of my choice, which was design school. My dad was so against me studying design and going to a polytechnic but I applied for my courses without even consulting him because I knew I didn't want to study any longer, especially not in a JC.

He was very against me running TVD too.

With his old-fashioned mentality, he just wanted me to study as much as possible, then find some high-paying lawyer/doctor job and live happily ever after.

So yeah, he's never really been very supportive of me running a business, though ironically he is a successful business owner himself.

And throughout the years, he has never once supported me or encouraged me when it came to running the business, but I believe it's only because he is a typical ε˜΄η‘¬εΏƒθ½― Asian parent.

I've never held it against him or even thought much of it because I think it's due to the way I was brought up that made me more independent and street-smart today.

The only thing I'd ever hoped from him was more freedom and trust, because you would not believe how super conservative he is.

Until I got married, I could not stay over at YZ's without getting reprimanded! And I had a curfew at 12 midnight (which I obviously did not keep to wtf)!

ε‡Ίε«ηš„ι‚£δΈ€ε€©ζ‰ηœŸζ­£δ½“ιͺŒεˆ°ηˆΈηˆΈηš„η–Όηˆ± ❀️

(Oh yes, I inherited his long legs 😬)

Now that I'm a grown-up, I finally understand and appreciate my parents so much more, and I wonder what I'll be like next time if I have kids!

I think I will definitely be the bad cop because YZ doesn't have the heart to be strict with kids, even when it comes to his nephew and niece.

And with the no-nonsense attitude my dad brought us up with, I honestly don't know how to be any different πŸ˜‚ Well when that time comes, we'll see!

End of late night random rambling.

Looking forward to a good night's rest!

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