Dear Dayre,

Good morning…. Not.
Looks like transporting myself from home to town on a weekday morning isn't the best thing I could be doing 😐

Both uber and grab failed me this morning with no cars in sight! Settled for taking a conventional taxi and now I'm happily jamming along the expressway.

If not for a 10am event……. 😣


The way uncle is driving is making me nauseous 😷

It has been a pretty good week thus far, and on Tuesday I went for lunch with gfs too!

Wouldn't have managed that with an office job, so I am thankful lah. Now on weekends I hardly ever wanna squeeze with the weekend crowd in town or at restaurants/cafes that I know will be packed.

Random thought: heading to Paragon now and they have a stall in the basement that sells ondeh ondeh! Craving for some peranakan kueh now! Or maybe some kueh dadar?

This was lunch with @evonnz @trishaliang @reeniepoh on Tuesday!

We went down to Ippin Cafe Bar along Mohamed Sultan Road.

They serve up very homely Japanese-style meals made by a Japanese lady! With very fresh ingredients imported from Japan, that are also on sale in the restaurant.

My favourite was Oyako don!

It's super zhuppy and wet so I love. But towards the end, the rice got soggy due to all the zhup. Apart from that, it was truly comfort food! Warm carbs in gravy, can't beat that.

Generous portions of meat too!

Evonne's favourite, Yakisoba!

I personally find it quite normal-ish, it's not particularly outstanding but as Evonne is a huge noodles lover, she practically inhaled this dish.

The most surprising dish was this, the deep fried oysters!

I'm no huge fan of oysters but I'm starting to learn how to appreciate them and these impressed me with how "clean" they tasted: no gross fishy taste!

Very nicely fried and it had a nice crispy batter while the oyster was still juicy.

While you're there, check out the Japanese drinks and alcohol!

Some favourites: the plum sake (was so sweet and nice) and the Yuzu sake were especially refreshing!

The drink in this photo is a honey citrus drink (which I forgot the name hahaha) something-"chi" 😅

*remembers now* it's Sudachi!

I bought the Houjicha sold at IPPIN because it was really nice! Had a fragrant roasted flavour mmmm 😊 Been quite the tea drinker recently!

Group photo with Chef Naomi!

Their set meals are pretty affordable, from $12 (Yakisoba) to $20++ (Oysters) so you can pop by to check it out if you're in the area!

Evonne took this ootd for me at a super random alley right next to Ippin! Haha.

Summery outfit that's Japanese inspired, got the feel or not? Pastel colors, crochet, and wedges~

It was snapped up on TVD in a jiffy so I opened Backorders for these popular items! ❤️

You might have noticed that my hair has gotten shorter!

It was growing out to my shoulders and I couldn't stand how awkward it was getting so I went back to Salon Vim and cut it even shorter this time 😂

Short hair really 剪上瘾了!

Not say I say but after relying on services like UberX and GrabCar for the past month or so today's experience in a regular taxi was a stark contrast leh.

Usually Uber and Grab drivers are very nice and polite. (Also because of the rating system im sure) They greet you when you get on, and most of them are quite chatty (in a good way) and friendly.

Today's taxi uncle felt like 我欠他 sia.

Okay I take back what I said.

Just got out of (another) taxi on the way to voice lesson and the uncle was so nice! Guess there are always good eggs and bad eggs.

Earlier today with @evonnz at METRO!

If you saw my IG.. 20% off going on right now until the end of weekend!!!



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