Dear Dayre,

New arrivals up on!

Also, with purchase of any sale item, there is $5 when you key in promo code "Happy5" ☺️☺️☺️

Finally launched this top that a lot of people were asking about!

And this jumpsuit ❤️

Don't know if you remember this dress I keep on wearing because it's the perfect feel fat but wanna look good dress 😂

Alyssa Lace Shift Dress! A Zara-inspired design that's super classy. I like the A line cutting cos it's so flattering 🙊

Giveaway for this dress happening on @thevelvetdolls Instagram til tonight midnight!

Also available today is this tee shirt dress that's super comfy.

Yay! Finally. Rehearsal is over.

Time to go back home for steamboat dinner!!

So happy that I conquered Tuesday and Wednesday!! And my Hic'juices have arrived all ready for the three day juice cleanse!!!

Feeling a bit angsty with Singpost.

Their mailing has been SUPER DUPER HORRIBLE recently, with parcels being delayed for weeks!!!

And the worst part?

Got blamed by customer 😭😭😭

I'm so sad! We really cannot do much about normal mail being delayed or even lost at times because normal mail is not 100% reliable at times.

Even the stupid AM mail which is supposed to be next day delivery service to mailbox and doorstep failed us. Customer didn't receive their item on time.

Which is why we also offer courier service and registered mail and recommend customers to opt for reg mail.

Currently in negotiation with a courier service company and we are considering using 100% courier for all delivery services.

Singpost just cannot be trusted nowadays.

Only issue is that normal mail (used to be free-of-charge) will no longer be an option for customers, so courier mailing will be $2.50 per package (the rest of the cost subsidized by us)

Don't know if customers will complain about that. But I really feel that SingPost is just too atrocious.

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