Dear Dayre,

Hic'Juice juice cleanse begins!

Juice number 1. This is my favourite juice! Popeye Smoothie 😍

On the way for voice class I had my second juice, 4 Carats. I like this one too.

I've always been adverse to carrot juice until I tried it in my first juice cleanse and realized that it's actually quite tasty!

So tonight I'm supposed to meet my gfs for dinner. Going to bring my juices out but well hopefully I don't get tempted by the food ah. I'm quite serious when it comes to doing juice cleanses & I think part of it is like training your willpower to not want to eat everything in sight.

Juices are actually super filling. 500ml for every juice, with 6 juices in a day!

I'm on my third juice and its almost 5pm now.

Three more juices will easily last me all the way til night time!

My only problem with these juices is that Hicjuice uses recyclable glass bottles which are heavy to carry around. Imagine if you're not in a desk job (like me) and have to lug around so many bottles of juice in a day! Keeping them chilled is another issue.

So what I've learnt to do is to have one juice first, and if possible, drink two juices before I head out.

Then I'll carry around juices 3 and 4 if I'll be home by evening. So the two juices will tide me through the noon and I can have 5 and 6 when I get back home.

If I'll be home late I'll have to carry juices 3,4 and 5, and drink the last juice when I reach home at night.

I use the cooler bag that the juices are delivered in to keep the juices cooler if I'm running around. It helps a bit!

So far so good! I remember the first time I did a cleanse, it was so terrible because I was craving to eat so badly. I think my body has sort of adjusted and it's really a mental thing!

But then I'm not even through day 1 so I shan't say too much 😂

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