SME of the Year Awards & Gala Dinner!

Dear Dayre,

Last night was the SME of the Year 2015 awards!!


My first "gala dinner" since forever!

First time YZ got to dress up and wear a tux after he custom tailored it for our wedding too πŸ™Š

I got my dress at last minute notice from Style Lease! (@style_lease)!

Heng ah… Was totally too busy to even think about what to wear for the dinner. Luckily Style Lease saved the day! They do dress rentals and delivers straight to your doorstep πŸ‘πŸ»

It was an exceptionally happy day for me!!!

Which.. The reason for that I'll share more with you soon 😁

Loved my hair too!! It was styled by Fiona at Salon Vim!

Quite a nervous moment though there was nothing to be nervous about πŸ˜‚ I was just one of many awardees! But I was worried I'd trip over my dress or have an accident or something with the dress πŸ˜…

Really in love with the dress leh. Don't want to return it to Style Lease already hahaha 😍

Some of my fellow lady bosses, #girlpower whoop!!

Sarah from Smooch and of course you know @minpoh 😁

We were probably the most rowdy bunch of recipients hahaha πŸ™Š But it was so much fun to be at the awards with them! 😘😘😘

A nice shot together with YZ 😍

@minpoh and I trying to rock the #girlboss look hahahahaha 😎

Another small but significant milestone for #thevelvetdolls!


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