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Dear Dayre,

Good morning!!!

Filming for a campaign later today and also tomorrow. Haha been doing a lot of filming lately πŸ˜… Last week was the Shu Uemura one! This week is for another upcoming campaign which I won't share yet 😁

Anyway I wanted to tell y'all about the awesome bag cleaning place I discovered! Actually, they engaged me for an ad but I was SUPER impressed by their services.

✨ Dr. Bags! βœ¨πŸ‘œ

1. It's Korean technology (I'm biased, anything Made in Korea is good)

2. It's affordable and there are good promotions and discounts going on now

3. They are super fast and take less than two weeks to clean/service your bag!

Also, my Chanel bag was really very chui and it has been sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be brought to service for some time but I couldn't find a good one. You know Color Wash, the last time I asked them they told me need 2 months to get my bag back. πŸ™…πŸ»


My Chanel is a vintage and I didn't really take care of it so I'm feeling a little guilty.

I bought it at a pretty good price from a second-hand shop and I kept on telling myself "Aiya it's a vintage nvm don't need to take care" hahaha

But as you can see… It's CHUI.

Until I stopped using it and kept it aside, meaning to bring it to be serviced when I had time.

So two weeks later I went back to collect my Chanel and I was like 😱😱😱 What is this magic it looks completely good as new!!!

(As good as new as a vintage bag can look)

They did a whole lot of work on my Chanel, from touching up the worn corners, cleaning the entire bag (even the leather is removed from the chain to be cleaned) and then coating it with their waterproof anti-stain anti-everything HP coating!!

After being treated by Dr. Bags, my Chanel looks so much "brighter" and sleeker!

I feel like I have a "new" bag again πŸ˜‚

I screenshot from my blog in case you lazy but there's more photos and info on my blog!

Even my relatively new Celine bag went in for a cleaning and came out looking a whole lot better. Guess I never realized how much grime slowly accumulated on my bags, causing them to lose their previous lustre and shine.

Dr. Bags's prices are quite affordable la I feel. Spend a few thousand to buy bag, why scrimp on taking care of it so it lasts longer?

I'm quite excited cos I also sent in a wallet to be re-colored. You know when you over-abuse the leather it gets worn off or gets discolored in places, you can actually re-color it!

But to a darker shade la not to a lighter one.

Maybe you all can go take part in their FB contest too, to win a makeover for your bag!! Who knows, you might be the lucky one? 😁

This photo is from their FB. Super kuazhang or what?? Before/after cleaning!

Light colored bags are the worst. So I recommend you go do the HP coating that helps to protect your bag even before any thing happens to it! Prevention is better than cure!

I learnt some stuff from the ppl at Dr Bags that I bet all of us didn't know.


As in.. Some ladies (I know my sister @zuanqing does this) like to put tubs of Thirsty Hippo in their wardrobe or cabinet to keep the humidity level low so that the bags don't grow mouldy.

But if you suay suay spill any TH on your bag, it is 100% ruined & nothing will save it!

Because TH will suck out all the moisture from the leather and it will shrivel up and turn blue.

So scary I will never risk having my bags damaged by Thirsty Hippo!!

Another interesting fact is that. YOUR HANDBAG IS DIRTIER THAN A TOILET.

Research has shown that your handbag may contain as many germs as a toilet!!!

No kidding.

And that's why you should clean and service your bags regularly!! Who wants to breed bacteria on their bags and touch the bags day in day out? Not me.

Anyway girls, ( @aiclay and @smilelovepeace24) it doesn't have to be branded! As long as it's leather and you want to revive it cos you love it, why not?

Before I forget……


15% off everything, even reduced-price sale items AND newest arrivals.

Only once a year for GSS alright so don't miss it 😁 Shop on! ☺️

Key in "GSS15" when you checkout!

On another totally unrelated note, YZ and I found this new froyo joint at Bugis Junction basement!!!

It's $7 for a GIANT cup with 6 toppings. Like practically two times the size of Llaollao??

I think cos it's so new. They gave me so much toppings!!! Like literally a few spoonfuls of blueberries.

You know Llaollao puts one swirl or froyo then toppings then another swirl.

This one is one swirl then toppings the another swirl then more toppings then one last swirl and sauces.

They have white chocolate sauce too!!

My verdict is, it's more value for money and also there's no queue (at the moment). But taste-wise, I find the froyo slightly sweeter than Llaollao and also their white choco sauce is not as shiok as Llaollao's raffaello sauce.

Worth a try still!!! It's called "Originale"

Today I washed and styled my hair myself with my curling brush haha not as "pong" and Korean-looking!

But still loving it!

And currently at campaign filming (gonna be today and tomorrow), look who I met!

YouTube child sensation Jiajia who's only 9 years old and super bubbly and full of personality haha.

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