Giving a FREE professional brow makeover tmr!

Dear Dayre,

Who's free tomorrow afternoon between 1-4pm and is gonna be in town!

Yay!! Got one volunteer, @joyeclynmusic!!!

Okay.. Basically, tmr @evonnz and I will be doing a "star search" along the streets of Orchard Road, looking for girls to give a PROFESSIONAL eyebrow makeover to with a super awesome makeup brand that I'm not revealing yet!

The criteria is basically you can't have brow embroidery done and it's best if you have au naturale brows 😎

We will be looking for all you girls along the stretch outside Takashimaya!!!

It should be pretty easy to spot us cos there'll also be a camera crew with us! 😁

The time commitment is about 2h from prepping to makeover and I'm sure it's gonna be super fun!!! There's be a short interview too basically you know talk about what kind of brows you wanna achieve and all that.. Very easy going and straight forward stuff!

Plus you get to interact with me and @evonnz hehe ❤️❤️❤️

The more of you the merrier of course!

Pleaaaase come and support us or just say hi if you're free and around town area pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

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