Diet Fails / PB Cookie Recipe / Mondaaay!

Dear Dayre,

What is this I'm eating nonstop again hahahahaha MOOKATA last night with YZ and Sam!

There's too much temptations here seriously HOWWWW to not put on weight πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Some more now DURIAN SEASON!

I don't even love durians that much but it's like when they're just sitting there waiting for you at home… You just start eating and suddenly it's like "Mmmmm… They are actually pretty good!"

Durians are so super cheap and super abundant this season!

And if you saw on snapchat yesterday I baked peanut butter cookies!!!

Three ingredients only simplest cookies ever. I was very bored and felt like baking something.

So I googled for recipes and this simple three ingredient peanut butter cookie came up!

I only ate one cookie though! Or rather I had the bits and pieces that crumbled cos the cookies hadn't hardened hahaha.

Easy peasy!

Found it too sweet still so maybe can lessen the sugar. And I added a pinch of salt for that savoury taste hahaha.

They are best fresh from the oven after cooling down a little and still slightly warm!! 😍

Help I need to have some self-control. If not food is going to be the death of me πŸ˜”

It's Monday again after a lazy weekend.

And June is coming to an end which means I need to rev up my engine to plan for the upcoming collections for July!!

Plus a ton of other work-related stuff on my to-do list.. A little stressed πŸ˜ͺ

I think I need to hire a PA for myself on top of an intern for TVD. Hahaha.

Whenever a new month rolls around, I can't help but to marvel over how insanely quickly this year is flying by!

Tried to cheer up my Monday by dressing up in #thevelvetdolls!!

I hardly wear nude but this particular shade is soooo nice I had to keep nude for this self-manufactured piece!


Inspired from a Topshop design!

This is where we got our inspiration from. It's a gorgeous piece but somehow Topshop's cutting is always a bit off on Asian sizes. But we made the fit more flattering of course!

Here's our version in Nude, White and Black! Full lining and non-sheer~~


I haven't eaten so much durian in yearssss!!!!


ζ­»ζŽ‰ one cup of durian is 357 kcal!

Life was easier before I realized that durians were so addictively creamy and delicious. πŸ˜‘

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