Dr Bags: Korean Professional Bag Cleaning and Coloring Services Now in Singapore!

All of us girls love a beautiful luxury bag, don’t we?

Every bag tells a story: And although I don’t have that massive a collection of branded goods, I really treasure every single luxury item I own, because they were all bought either by myself or gifted to me by YZ, and each one is so precious, not just because they came with a hefty price tag, but also in terms of rich sentimental value. (This one was bought on my very first trip to Europe, that one was a surprise birthday present from YZ, so on and so forth..) It’s not so much an object used to flaunt one’s wealth or status to me, but rather, every time I carry out one of my precious, I take pride in having a stylish and beautifully-made piece on me.

However, I am guilty to admit that despite all that, I’ve never actually sent my luxury bags in for any bag cleaning or maintenance services, and always thought that simply treating my expensive leather goods just like any other bag wasn’t that much of a crime.. But after I visited Dr. Bags and seen the magic they’ve performed on my bags, I was utterly and completely sold!


Every bag owner needs to understand the importance of caring for your luxury bags!

It’s kind of silly to think about it, we splurge thousands of dollars for a well-made high quality leather bag, but many of us don’t take good care of it afterwards, something I have to admit to as well!

I think every bag owner faces the same problems as I do, especially when it comes to our favourite pieces that we carry out so often! They get dirty, worn and dull.. And it’s not like we can “wash” our bags ourselves the way we can do so for our clothes!

Did you know that recent research has shown that your handbag actually may contain as many germs as a TOILET? Thanks to the leather texture of a bag, it’s basically a breeding ground for bacteria!

I’m honestly not surprised to learn that.. As our handbags are something we carry around every day, and they come into contact with so many different surfaces all the time! Also, the dirtiest part of the bag is the handle. It carries more bacteria than the average toilet seat, and one in five handbags contained enough bacteria to be considered a health risk! OMG!

A clean bag isn’t just more beautiful, it’s important for personal hygiene and well-being as well! That’s why we need to take professional action, and leave it to the experts to clean, sanitise and protect our bags with the safest chemicals and techniques! 

And here’s where I just have to rave about Dr. Bags: Korean Professional Bag Cleaning and Coloring Services!

The moment I found out that Dr. Bags uses ground-breaking new Korean technology, chemicals, and techniques, I knew that I’d be in good hands!



I visited Dr. Bags at Katong V with my “sick” bags in tow, and wow, it was a totally educational and well-spent afternoon for me!


I bought myself a vintage Chanel a few years ago, and it’s one of my favourite bags! But as it’s vintage, it’s rather worn and lacklustre especially after my rough handling and I’ve always been meaning to bring it to for bag cleaning and colouring services but never had the time or opportunity to do so.

The knowledgeable staff at Dr. Bags pointed out which areas of the bag needed to be worked on (e.g. the corners were worn, the inside of the bag was dirty, and the leather in the chain strap needed touching up), and also told me how this bag could be restored and revived to look good again!

Can you see how badly worn my bag is?


Dr. Bags also explained to me what could be done to revive and revitalise my bag to return it to its former glory, whoop whoop!

Apart from the entire bag needing to be cleaned, the worn out corners of my Chanel bag needed to be touched up, and then the entire bag would be coated with Dr. Bags special HP coating to protect it from further damage like stains, mould, color transference, water damage and scratches!


Even if the color of your bag has turned dull or has deep scratches or very worn out edges, there’s hope with Dr. Bags ColourPro services when you can actually re-colour your entire bag (to a darker shade) to give it a brand new lease of life!


I also brought my dear Celine Trapeze which I’ve been taking quite good care of (I thought), but according to Store Manager Florence, this needed a good cleaning/servicing too!


Apart from cleaning bags on a regular basis, it is also very important to actually PROTECT your bags, especially when they are still brand new!

With Dr. Bags HP Coating, it helps to protect from stains and damage even before they happen, and keeps your bags waterproof too so they don’t get water spots in the event of rainy weather! White and light coloured bags especially need to be protected, because they are so so so easily dirtied/stained!


I saw with my own eyes, how effective the HP Coating actually is!


We tried using a lipstick crayon to “stain” the white Chanel bag, but thanks to the HP Coating, the stain barely stayed on and was easily removed with water and some gentle cleaning.

Another demonstration was done on another part of the leather with no HP Coating, and the difference was stark. Without Dr. Bags‘ HP Coating, the lipstick stain could barely be removed!


I was sold!

So I left my two bags: my vintage Chanel and my Celine trapeze with Dr. Bags and it took less than two weeks for the kind folks there to “heal” and treat my bags with their amazing DeepCleanse, ColourPro services and HP Coating!

Two weeks later, I went back to Dr. Bags to collect my bags and was pleasantly surprised to see my bags all nicely wrapped up and ready for me!


And I was so blown away to see my two “old” bags transformed and even more gorgeous than I ever remembered them being!!

My Celine bag suddenly looked so brilliant and almost brand-new again after Dr. Bags DeepCleanse service, and better still, I knew I could carry it out now with ease thanks to the HP coating to help protect it!

As for my Chanel bag, the difference was astounding!

If you remember how worn and old-looking its previous condition was, it was like an entirely different bag was returned to me.. Just look at the “after” photos below!

Wow!!! Every worn-out part was lovingly cleaned up, even the leather in the chain strap (it has to be taken out and then threaded back in again in a very tedious process), and just look at all the previously scuffed and shabby corners and edges, they were all cleaned up and touched up to look so so good now!

Thank you SO much, Dr. Bags for bringing the life back into these two of my favourite bags!!
I am definitely bringing all my other precious babies here to get all cleaned up and protected!


Can you see how beautiful my Chanel looks now? All thanks to Dr. Bags!!

I can’t urge you enough to start caring for your bags properly now that you’ve seen the huge difference it makes, and there’s no time like the present, cos Dr. Bags is really generous and there’s some really great promotions going on now!

Just for my readers, quote ‘YINA15’ to get a 15% exclusive discount on cleaning services vail til 28th July!! 

And from now till 28th July, take advantage of Dr. Bags’ Summer Promotion! 

– 50% OFF HP Coating when you send in 3 bags for cleaning! 

– Cleaning + HP Coating at special package price of $199 (U.P. $250) 

– Get $50 Off when you send in 2 bags for colouring! 

Terms and conditions apply. Check in-store or log on http://www.drbags.com for more information. 


I’m falling in love again with my “brand-new” vintage Chanel. It’s so beautiful after Dr. Bags revived and restored it!

Last but not least, I want to tell you about Dr.Bags’ Facebook Giveaway/Contest! Here’s the chance to win a $500 makeover for your prized bag! 

How to take part:

1. Post photos of your seasoned/worn-out bags on Dr.Bags’ Facebook page (www.facebook.com/drbags.sg

2. Write a short description of why your bag needs a makeover 

3. Share the post on your facebook page and tag 3 friends

 3 lucky winners get to win the makeover. Giveaway/Contest starts on 1 July to 30 July 2015. Winners will be announced on Dr.Bags’ facebook page on 5 August 2015. 

 For more details, log on to Dr.Bags Facebook page (www.facebook.com/drbags.sg)

Don’t wait till it’s too late to take care of your prized luxury bags!! I know for sure you won’t regret letting Dr. Bags take care of your precious bags for you!


Dr.Bags @ KATONG V #02-05 
 30 East Coast Road
S428 751
 Telephone: 6440 7703

(next to McDonald’s) 

101 Thomson Road 307 591
Telephone: +65 6254 2528



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