Dear Dayre….

First time after 8 years, the feeling is liberating!

Sure feels all light and airy!

Fresh hair for a brand new me! ☺️ Surprisingly enough I wasn't feeling nervous when Fiona started cutting my hair! Maybe cos I'd already decided on cutting it off. Hahaha.

Still can't believe I did it just like that though! Was discussing with @reeniepoh @minpoh @xiesimin earlier and I just called Salon Vim on the spot to book my appointment! A couple of hours later, viola, deed done!

I feel like I'm channelling @minpoh now 😂

Met up with my fav girl Nicolle for dinner and drinks! Last time we saw each other was during my wedding.

N: "Trying to date you out is like making a booking at some famous restaurant. Need to book two weeks in advance one. Today I lucky sia try my luck managed to get you" 😂

💕 One of the two close friends I kept from my secondary school days. I really treasure friends like these!

Watched each other grow up literally from 14 years ago to now. Means we've been friends for half our lives!


Thank you Fionaaaaaa!

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