Road-trippin’! πŸš™πŸ’¨

Dear Dayre,

ROAD TRIP! 🚘 It's been sooooooooo loooooooong since I actually took a whole day off to spend time with YZ (and his family)!!!

Actually, ever since we got married, we have been so busy that we haven't really spent time, like an entire day kind, together. Cuz YZ is also very busy, and he's perpetually out for appointments, viewings.. Sometimes when we're together he's still on the phone with clients, colleagues or tenants and whatever.

We do see each other every day of course. YZ sends me to work almost every morning (depending on where I need to go) before he goes for his own appts and work.

Super sweet of him 😘😘😘 It saves me SOOOO much time and inconvenience and money really.

And whenever I thank him, he says "δ½ ζ˜―ζˆ‘ηš„θ€ε©†οΌŒθΏ™ζ˜―ζœ€εŸΊζœ¬ηš„δΈœθ₯Ώ" ❀️

After which he will come to pick me up at night if he's free, even if I'm out with my friends having dinner, he'll drive down just to get me ❀️ 很 love hor?

Apart from being at home together and travelling time in the car together.. We also have lunch some days and then once a week we usually go for a foot reflexology session to reward ourselves for working hard.

Sometimes we'll go KTV if got mood. Or once in a very long while we'll go for a movie. But usually it's just short 1-2 hours dates.

When it comes to the whole "feel", I think married life is very much the same as being in a relationship (for me), probably because YZ and I have been together for so many years already.

Nowadays I sometimes wish we had more time to go out & relax together (you will not believe how annoying it is when he has to be on the phone for 30 mins during a meal)

Also I have been so busy working recently la. Totally no time to spend together properly. Every day I have somewhere to go/something to do.

So glad that we took the day off today to spend time with his family and go on a road trip to JB!!

Being overseas (even if it's literally across the sea) also shiok. So much less distractions (less phone calls for YZ woohoo) & I felt so happy to be able to spend some quality time with him & his family together!

Feels way more "quality" than just a meal together. Yknowwhatimean.

Ok actually it's half day cos we left at 1pm. But I spent morning at home cleaning up our room #housewife

Plus get to eat JB good food βœ¨πŸ˜‹

First stop: δΊšι‘Ίθ‚‰ιͺ¨θŒΆ!

My first time having Malaysian style BKT! Shiok leh…. But right after, I had this most uncomfortable tightening/numbing sensation in my face/neck! Anyone experienced this before?

Not sure if it's cos too much MSG or its cos of the herbal soup!

That being said it was still super delicious. ιΊ»ζ²ΉιΈ‘ was so good!


I definitely won't mind having it again. Like a Shiok.

After which YZ and I went to a massage place while his family went shopping!

It's really cheap compared to SG, but sometimes I think what you pay is what you get lah, my foot reflex was so so only. People always see I ε§‘ε¨˜ then use so little pressure on me.

Thankfully the shoulder massage was a little better so overall I think it was not too bad! For about $50 per pax for 1.5h of foot + shoulder massage I guess it's decent.

But I hope I get a more skillful therapist next time.

Pre-dinner dessert hahahahahaha.

Only because his family said Blackball in Msia has huge portions and one person cannot finish so we kpo want to try.

Well yes compared to SG's I think the portion is indeed bigger! The "liao" is the same though.. I miss Taiwan's taro balls man.

This is just 1/10th of dinner: one of the best suckling pig I've ever eaten 😍😍😍 so crisp and tender and melt-in-the-mouth πŸ˜‹



Today is payback time for yesterday's overindulgence in JB hahahahahaha

Gonna have fruits for dinner! 😐

Cold Storage on sale NAO.

Driscolis strawbies at $12.99 for two boxes!!!!!! I think quite worth it cos I bought a box last week and they are really big and sweet and juicy. πŸ˜‹ You know sometimes heng suay one depending on season.

Ok looking forward to having my fruits liao.

Not that Friday means anything to me.

This weekend is rehearsal Saturday, concert Sunday. Yupppppp! But still, it's the weekend!

And I'm getting to chill my Friday evening, decided to go back home to visit my dogs (mostly) my parents πŸ™Š and check out the "new arrivals" (usually get parcels sent back home cos someone is usually home all the time)

Enjoying my "me" time.

Here's my naughty Scruffy who's so hyperactive and such an attention seeker. She looks like a woolly little lamb.

Finished all two boxes of my strawbies with YZ but PMS is making me think about food food and more food 😐

I love food so much I don't know how I can ever be skinny.

How ah!!!

Been trying to diet since I got back from Japan but I've only lost a measly amount of weight 😀 Ok, I'll keep working at it!! YZ is also trying to slim down cuz he put on quite a lot of weight after our wedding πŸ™Š Very #letitgo and #yolo.

Amazingly I only put on 100g in Japan despite all the carbs I ate!

But I find that the more I try not to eat, the more I end up eating.

For instance, today I ate:

Quarter roasted chicken with salad for lunch

Then I got peckish and had some Taokaenoi seaweed for a snack πŸ˜…

And then I had a small dragonfruit and some blueberries.

Then I had quite a lot of strawbies for dinner. And then I snacked on a handful of mac nuts (or maybe two)


Not diety at all FML.

Food is so yummy. Lol πŸ˜‚

Ok this weekend I'm gonna challenge myself to eat clean!!!!!

Three days short-term goal.

*No carbs
*No snacking (other than fruits)
*No late night dinners
*Only fruit or veggies for dinner


I think it's do-able. ηœ‹ζœ‰ζ²‘ζœ‰ζ―…εŠ›θ€Œε·²!

Let's distract myself with some of the goodies that arrived for me this week 😍

Bath & Bodyworks sent me a generous hamper!

Always loved their scents, especially their small little hand sanitizers!

These products are from their Brazil collection and all the scents are so lush and tropical and fruity 😍😍😍

There's even a red guava scented candle that's gonna make my bathroom smell sooooo good πŸ’•

And I just showered with the Lush Pink Dragonfruit scented shower gel hahaha.

I love eating dragonfruit! Now I'm gonna smell like dragonfruit πŸ˜‚

Thanks for making me smell delicious, BBW!!!

I was feeling sleepy so I took a nap earlier in the evening. Napped for maybe 1-2 hours?

I knew it wouldn't be a good idea cuz I'd be wide awake right now but I was feeling so sleepy and comfortable I did it anyway.

Now I'm gonna be like 😳😳😳

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