Just another manic Thursday

Dear Dayre,

It's a long Thursday ahead of me with photoshoot later in the evening and I'm trying to get myself feeling hyped up and enthusiastic about it hahaha but nooooo my photographer is booked so I have to shoot 😣 *not enthusiastic about that*

Still nua-ing in bed since 8am (it's 9.15am now) and trying to decide what to get done before my appt at 3.30pm later.

I'm looking forward to the short getaway next week but I'm not in holiday mode yet! There's still a ton of work to be done!

Finally tried this last night!!!!

Well sort of tried it, but we need to go back again next month @xiesimin @yingdan @minpoh @reeniepoh

It's quite different from HDL but nice in its own way!

Wondering if I can possibly get all my beauty fixes done before flying on Tuesday: most importantly, my lash extensions at Graceous that I haven't touched up since pre-Japan, that's 6 weeks ago!

And my nails.. Last time I did them was also about 8 weeks ago FML.

Hi guys I just died after the most disastrous shoot of my life.

So many things that went wrong starting from me being more than one hour late coming from a facial appt!!!

My facial appt was at 3.30 and I arranged for shoot at 6pm so I think it'd be just in time to make my way for shoot.

And throughout the facial, I was just wondering why it seemed like SO much time had passed by (we started around 4pm after a skin analysis..)

Imagine my shock when I ended my facial and checked my phone to see that it was friggin SIX FORTY FIVE LIAO?!!! And my shoot was supposed to have started 45 mins ago!!!!

And 3 missed calls from my poor MUA who waited downstairs my office for 45 mins.


Quickly chionged down to office and I reached office at like 7.40 or something.

Only to realize that the studio lights (and flash trigger) were being used by Collin who was concurrently having a shoot at the exact same time 😭

Which was very unexpected cos I asked all the girls and told them about my shoot this evening twice and no one mentioned they were also having a shoot. (In which case I would be able to pre-book another studio near by)

But arrived at office to realize that Collin was in the midst of a shoot and I was just going like 🙀🙀🙀 DIE

So on the spot I called all three other studios in the area and not a single one was available FML.

Second option was to try shooting with my lights and another flash trigger but that trigger was out of action as well FMLx2


It's also Belle's birthday tomorrow so she had to go off on time for her first birthday celebration! So I was only left with an hour or less to shoot…

Thank God Collin saved me by offering me his studio space to shoot, taking turns with him/his model.

Although the next thing that happened was that the lights ended up overheated and kept dying on us 😭

Just glad that shoot is over.

Thanks Collin, for being such a lifesaver!!! And @mariemjsoh who had to wait so long for me and still helped me steam iron my outfits and accompany me during the shoot 😘😘😘 and @bernadettebelle the birthday girl for staying a bit later so I could finish up the outfits I needed to shoot! And @yingdan and @xiesimin who were uber helpful and did a lot to try to help me! AND YZ for coming to pick me up and sending me home.


Positive spin on everything!

Well, one awesome thing that happened today was that I received a super cool email which got me very hyped up and excited! Can't share about it yet… But 😁😁😁

Ok time to look through shoot photos. Jiayou! 💪🏻

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