Healthy weekend starts today ✨

Dear Dayre,

So healthy I can't even hahahahaha
Cherry tomatoes and blueberries!

And I dabao-ed a big fat juicy red dragonfruit that we bought in JB on Thursday. The dragonfruits there are really huge and big!

Have planned my food for today.

Lunch at Bras Basah where there's a pretty good YTF stall. Then during rehearsal I can snack on my cherry tomatoes/blueberries. Dragonfruit for break time.

Set to go to be healthy 💪🏻 Three days doesn't sound that tough right?

Randomly, this is what I did to my laptop woohoo! Covered it in washi tape then I cut out the apple logo part so that you can see the logo lighting up when the laptop is on.

SO CHIO~~ #cheapthrill

Washi tape really helps to protect my laptop!! You see how chui the bottom of the laptop (un-washi-ed) is compared to the cover of the laptop and you'll know.

Washi-ing in progress with all the new tapes I got from Japan. 😍

Next up I washi-ed my Olympus camera hehehe 😍

I regularly give it a new coat of washi and it looks all pretty again!

Even though I'm not as crazy about washi as @trishaliang and @evonnz, I still enjoy having my small little collection that I can use for random things here and there!

Like for sticking photos on the wall, decorating random storage boxes. 👍🏻

And @trishaliang just Dayre-ed about all the super nice mt Yokohama tapes that are now available on her store!

Go check out now!

Essential must-have for a no makeup day: sunglasses 😁

My shades are so big they make my face look smaller. 👍🏻 I approve.

Thanks @reeniepoh for the shades from! 😎


*pats self on back*

Healthiest YTF ever hahaha
I love spring onions.

This bowl of YTF is @evonnz's worst nightmare 😂

Hello I played cheat and had some yummy thai milk coffee to perk me up!!!

But that's all I indulged in.

And I tried not to finish the entire cup. 🙊

Was feeling sleepy in rehearsal and needed some caffeine and sugar. My coffee has to be sweet! Just cannot enjoy kosong coffee.

Was just complaining about PMS yesterday and BAM. 来了 😴

Good, faster come, faster end. 👍🏻 Hopefully it means I will stop wanting to eat up everything in sight 😟

What I had for dinner:

$3.50 giant chicken leg from NTUC Finest, so much meat!!! 🍗🍗🍗
And then I ate my cherry tomatoes and blueberries 😋

On top of that I'm snacking on strawbies now. 🍓

See, can't stop eating. At least it's all healthyyyyyyyyyy 👍🏻✨ I'm so full now!

No junk food in me today 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻


Just because it was someone's birthday and I could not reject this slice of Swensens ice cream cake…..

I hate myself. LOL.

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