Do you really want to be successful?

Dear Dayre,

The highlight of my week was.. meeting Victoria Beckham in the flesh!!!


Well you know I am not crazy over celebrities at all. And i don't know that much about VB except that she's married to DB, has super cute kids, is a former Spice Girl, and now owns her own fashion label.

Which I think sounds amazing already?!

But when you see her IRL, she really exudes a class of her very own, and you can totally see why she used to be "Posh Spice".. Because she is sooo posh 😍

Even though she doesn't smile AT ALL, I was surprised to find her giving very thoughtful and sincere-sounding answers to the questions posed by Vetty, who was the interviewer.

When asked for tips to look beautiful, VB gave such a stunning answer!

I like to wear nice clothes, take care of myself, work out and I’m happy.

I think that’s the most important thing:

✨To be happy, thankful and grateful for everything we have. ✨

Every day I wake up and I think, you know, I’m very lucky. And that shows, I think.

Beauty isn’t necessarily just the way that you look, it's what lies beneath that, and the energy that you give out.

And I LOVE what VB said when she was asked to give a piece of advice to women:

Be a good person, most importantly. Follow your dreams. Just dream as big as you can and work hard. I’ve been successful, and I’ve worked for it.

✨There’s no such thing as luck.✨

If you have a dream, go for it, and work as hard as you can and stay focused.

WOW. Such powerful words coming from a successful woman. There's no such thing as luck! My respect for this woman has just increased a hundred fold.

In fact, when us lucky girls got the chance for a photo-op with VB, she very politely shook all our hands and said hi one by one!

I was floored I tell you.

Another bit that I loved was when VB talked about her career and job, because it's exactly how I feel about mine, albeit on a way smaller scale 😍

It’s what I always wanted to do. I love fashion and I want to empower women.

I want them to feel good, confident and sexy for themselves, so I think I’ve got the best job in the world.

When I see women walking around wearing my clothes or even wearing my nail polish, and they feel good about themselves, that’s great.

Women should stick together and support each other.

I was nodding inwardly and going "Yes yes yes!" At every point! VB totally nailed it 😍

It's not like me to gush over any celebrity, but this up close and personal experience with VB really left me star-struck and very very inspired.

When you look at how (seemingly) perfect VB's life is, I think it's easier to diss her and say disparaging things and to dismiss those successes.

But when you realize that these ppl have put in SO much work to get to where they are now, it's a different story.

One of my good friends, Kewei posted this some time ago and I think it is SO true.

Everyone wants to be successful, until they see what it actually takes.

I met Kewei for a girly pampering session at LS Philosophy for GetKlarity the very same day I met VB in the morning, and we were sharing a lot about careers and life.

Most of the highly successful people I know in my life all worked very hard to get to where they are.

Be it Kewei, who's now a well-known local singer as well as boss of her own wedding gig company, or @melissackoh who practically doesn't sleep and rushes around daily from shoot to meetings being ultra-productive and hardworking,

Or even my dear GetKlarity co-founder @miss_pang who is always always hustling and working hard with no time for resting on laurels!

When you look behind their successes, it is pure hard work, and maybe abit of luck. But you know what they say about luck.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

Even if life throws you an awesome bit of luck, you will never "get lucky" unless you're prepared and ready to take on that opportunity!

What we see VS what really happens.

Or like what my 老师 used to say: "台下十年功,台上一分钟"

Roughly translated into "Ten years of work goes into one minute on stage" (LOL horrible literal translation)

I'm especially inspired by VB's words on "staying focused and working hard for it".

It really struck a chord with me! And I promise myself that I will make a conscious effort to stay focused on what I want, and to work hard for it.

My goals may be small, and these may be baby steps. But as long as I remain focused, I will conquer these small milestones and see myself getting closer to the tip of the iceberg, day by day.

Words from another giant who built her own beauty empire. 💪🏻

Well, like what VB says, I'm going to be the best person I can be, work hard and dream big! 💪🏻

Nothing ever comes easy!

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