Dear Dayre,

Guess who is SME of the year 2015!

Remember I posted about the email I received some time ago..?

Turns out, it's NOT a scam haha and it's very legit! Also I found out that the awesome @minpoh is also one of the recipients for this year's awards teehee~~

So, yes!! So exciting!

Pretty happy to be part of this year's SME awards cos it's really an amazing form of recognition for my humble business!

Just now, we conducted a short little interview for the SME compilation book, and one of the questions asked was,

"What advice would I give to a younger person who wants to start his/her own business?"

Wah…. This is such a serious question! And I feel totally unqualified to answer you know.

But if I really had to give advice to someone that I know of who wants to start his own business,

I think first and foremost, true passion and love for what you want to do is such an important factor, that will bring you a long way!

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