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New favourite foundation 😍

Dear Dayre,

My new holy grail foundation: Diorskin Nude Air.. Put this on today and I am completely and utterly sold!! 😍😍😍 Seriously don't know how this foundation can be so super duper light weight (feels like nothing on the skin, I swear) and yet have such an amazing satiny finish with just the right amount of coverage.. Like natural skin but better! Plus it has serum skincare properties too 😱 You must must must give this a try, it launches today 1st April!

The foundation feels amaaaazing. It practically melts into the skin and doesn't feel like another layer on your skin at all.

It's not too matte nor too dewy, just sort of a satiny finish with a very natural glow.

I can't get over the texture of this it is so liquidy and light!

@evonnz doesn't like it as much cos the shade isn't a good match for her. But shade 02 is perfect for me lah. I feel like when I put this on, it looks like it's super natural and doesn't have that "thick makeup" look!

Diorskin Nude Air is available at $88! And it launches today!

Regarding sponsored products and paid ads and what not, I know that this issue has been super duper sensitive and controversial. But seriously hor, I can tell you that out of 20 products that I'm given/sponsored, I maybe only post about one or two cos those are the ones I really like 😍😍

So tbh being sponsored a product doesn't mean I have to write about it or even say good things about it. Though generally if I even post about a product, it means I like it cos got too many products to share.

If I don't like a product I usually won't even give it any airtime. *太多东西了写不完!!*

Period just came and I'm feeling super crampy and eeky!!! I hate it on the first day cos I have to make endless toilet trips (keep on wanting to pee and laosai) and it sucksssss. Plus I'm wearing a tight-fitting dress so I feel extra self-conscious.

At least it came before Japan trip!!! *self-consoles* if not I'll be suffering in Japan!!

But cos I'm already all dressed up and made up since morning I've decided to just head for my event anyway… Meh.

Love W's swanky decor!

Hello @melissackoh waited for you damn long~~~

Super dark and grainy so it's only good for dayre~ @evonnz @melissackoh

My dress is from Miss Selfridge!! Love it. Hope to find a similar fabric so that I can do something similar for TVD… 🙊

Anyways congrats to W for their spanking new W Beijing!! Maybe next time I'll get a chance to experience W Beijing personally.. But before then, I'm gonna staycay at W Sentosa wheeee!!


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