🇯🇵✨Japan Day 5✨🇯🇵

Day 5: Shinjuku x Shibuya!

Dear Dayre,

Carrying on with #yinagoestojapan !! Day 5~ Shinjuku and then Shibuya (yes we went to Shibuya so many times!)

Initial plan was actually Ikebukuro and Harajuku but shopping and other things got in the way so….. That didnt happen 😅

This is the street right outside our Roomorama apartment! So quintessentially Japanese.

It was a Sunday, which maybe explains why a lot of the shops were closed.

Well I thought we were going to Harajuku so I went wild(er) with my outfit!

We were also lucky to get a spate of good weather that particular day so we didn't have to be bundled up like hotdogs 🙏🏻

It's nice cos you don't feel judged even when you're dressed a little more flamboyantly in Tokyo 🙊

I love my biker jacket and mesh skirt combi from #thevelvetdolls! The jacket is still available too by the way ☺️

Top and hat from Rosebullet! The Singapore branch 👍🏻

Such a pity the fabulous weather didn't hold for a few more days 😢

Puffy water retentive face went down abit that day woohoo.

So we walked around Shinjuku and found ourselves in one of the many huge arcades! Their UFO catchers are so cute I can't even~~~

@Evonnz is pretty crazy over catching them little stuffed toys from the machines, and I think we spent a good 30 mins trying to catch these cute birdies!!!

It's definitely not as easy as it looks, unless you get some help like…

THIS lolol.

The shop assistants are actually more than happy to help you "position" the catches that you want so that you stand a higher chance of winning them! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Walked around Shinjuku a bit more, bought myself a new memory card at BIC Camera etc…

We stopped by @trishaliang's favourite bag shop at Shinjuku, it's a sister brand of Samantha Thavasa but cheaper!! And I bought this nice and simple navy tote bag for carrying my laptop and A4 music scores!! Cos I usually use my Longchamp or a canvas tote bag which is not as nice looking when I have events and all that.

I think it was about 3,800¥.. About SGD50? Quite a good buy! 😍

Us suckers saw the shop assistant using this leather cleaner (it's in mousse form!) on a bag to remove marks and we were like WAHHHHH #takeourmoney

Useful what right!?

Super good buy: bag + cleaner! 👍🏻✨

Bcos I made it my mission to eat Yoshinoya at least once in Japan, the girls willingly obliged me hehe!

I love Yoshinoya beef bowl!

And Japanese version: confirm better. it was pretty yummers I thought! Plus served with an additional order of onsen egg! 😍

Happy me with my beef bowl!

Looks good right? 😍

We were supposed to meet @ronineel and then head over to Harajuku after lunch. But I don't know how we got extremely side-tracked and ended up spending like two hours shopping at Odakyu, the giant departmental store at Shinjuku.. 😓

It started innocently with me needing to use the washroom so I went to the one inside Odakyu. The two girls were supposedly waiting for me downstairs~

Next thing I knew was "Eh Yina when you're done go up to 10th floor we are there looking at stationary!"

After which we went down to ground level and were so ready to meet Ron and then we walked past Agnes b and were like ok let's go in and take a look.

And walked out with @Evonnz and her brand new Agnes b bag twenty mins later, which meant we had to go back to the departmental store to do tax refund.

Which was on the same floor as the beauty brands so I found myself buying Jill Stuart and Cleu de Peau Beauty products.

So on and so forth….. 😥

Since I'm at it let me show you what I bought lol. Jill Stuart blush which is the prettiest thing everrrrr it comes with its own portable brush too!

Cost about 4,800¥ before tax. Quite ex but can't get this in SG! Been using this since my friends got it for me as birthday present a few years ago and I really like the sheer and radiant blush finish.

PS. If you take ANA they sell a limited edition version in-flight for about 3,600¥ got special packaging some more 😍

And then cos I was done with my purchase and realised that @Evonnz was at CPB buying a concealer I also copycat wanted to try it and ooooh it was quite good so I bought it!

Apparently in Singapore this thing costs $140. In Japan almost $90 wtf but ok just buy. #takeourmoneyAGAIN

After which we then made it out of Odakyu (finally) and spent another twenty minutes looking at shoes in a shoe shop.

#FRL (F @ronineel's life)

Here's a lame excuse of myself trying to take a twirl shot forgetting I'm holding the camera/phone which wouldn't quite work.

You didn't hear @trishaliang being mentioned cos it was Evonne and I doing most of the shopping lol 😅

And this is how we got carried away with shopping for almost two hours before we actually started to make our way towards Harajuku, which was another fail because Yamanote Line broke down! 😱

So the news broadcast that night told us what happened, there was some pole or thingajimig that collapsed causing downtime for 9 whole hours!

Of course you get the Japanese officials all bowing and apologizing for it on national TV (even though it probably wasn't their fault)

We ended up walking to another station to take another line instead to Shibuya, which cost us another 45 minutes to an hour or so! And the skies were already dark by the time we were around Shibuya/Harajuku area.

So we didn't really manage to go to Harajuku street 😢 But we had a very awesome okonomiyaki dinner!!!


After dinner, you'd have thought that it's already been a long day but our day didn't end there, nowhere close 😳

It was around 8 plus so we went back to Shinjuku (because we take our connecting train from Shinjuku station) to stroll about and walked past some neoprint machines.

400¥ per session, okie lets go!!!

Except we were like OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH?! Lol the beauty mode was like full force man! We looked like bug-eyes creatures 😳

And then came out SO SMALL PIECE. What happened to those big big ones you know?? That has multiple copies so you can cut them up and distribute them??

We took two different purikuras with two different machines and by the end of it were so tired lol. All that posing and then frantic decorating of stickers!

It was almost midnight when we found ourselves at…..

A hair salon at Shinjuku!

Well @evonnz has this habit of getting a wash and blow out and we've done this in Taiwan and Korea so why not Japan, right?

Surprisingly they have hair salons that open to really late such as the one we visited!

I was having a severe communication breakdown with my hairstylist who did not understand English. So I told them to do anything they wanted to my hair (which translates to OMAKASE) in case you want to do the same thing.

And I ended up with some really curly wurly hair!

Le Japanese hair! 😏😏😏

Evonne and I were super amazed with how quickly and efficiently the Japanese hairstylists styled our hair.. It's out of this world!! I remember I tried to snapchat it but it didn't get saved 😟 too bad!!

Oh the service cost us almost 50SGD. Kee Siao hor I don't know why I 舍得 spend this kind of money. 😖 Worst part is the next day was just rain rain rain all day and my hair became flatter than cabbage.

And the state of our luggage when we got back that night to pack up and move to our next Roomorama apartment. 😲😲😲

Now you know why I didn't have time to update during the trip!


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