Ship Ahoy: Sephora Beauty Voyage!


Hello folks!!

Taking a break from my travelogues and sharing some photos from last Friday’s Sephora Beauty Voyage organised by the good folks at Sephora: it’s my honour and pleasure to set sail aboard with Sephora! No one says no to yacht party invite!!! Right?! Not me lah. Cos seriously when else do I have the chance to sit on a yacht and pretend to be super atas and expensive? Hardly ever.

I always love a well-executed event/campaign, and this month is Sephora’s Skin Rescue campaign where Sephora seeks to provide #SkinstantGratification to get gorgeous skin in a jiffy, with awesome beauty products like efficacious peels, cleansing gadgets, makeup removers and masks for instant gratification!

You ought to pop by Sephora cos it’s always like a beauty wonderland for me with SO many of my favourite brands available at Sephora. I love wandering the aisles just looking at/testing the products 😀 (Favourite outlet is Sephora ION, of course) ..This is not a sponsored post or a paid ad!

Aboard Sephora Beauty Voyage we go.. It was super cool cos the team did up a huge yacht specially for the party, with different rooms and areas for different brands and pampering treatments!There were facial rooms, makeup stations, hand pampering sessions and all. Not to mention a bar on the top deck with drinks and Popsicles!! Living it up on a Friday hehe!


We were all given a pair of nice, fluffy, bedroom slippers awww!


And when on a yacht… Take more chio pictures!!


That being said, I was REALLY enjoying the sea breeze (despite how it was messing up my hair) and looking at the expanse of waters. There is just something very calming about the sea.

With sweethearts Roseanne and Evonne, just chilling on the top deck where there was a cocktail bar, and enjoying a coconut-flavoured popsicle!

On the three different levels of the yacht, we got to experience and enjoy different beauty treats, from facials, to masks, and even hand pampering sessions.


Glamglow is one of the masks that’s highly raved about by everyone! I personally like the white one (Super Mud)!


I was treated to a Sake Bath hand soak and Brown Sugar Scrub treatment on my hands by Fresh, another of my favourite beauty brands! I love Fresh’s products because they all smell SO good.

This Sake bath product contains more than 30% sake and is inspired by Geishas who used to bath in sake to keep their skin soft and supple. It smells totally drinkable but please don’t try!!


Skin Inc is another brand that I’m well-associated with, and two of my favourite products are their Pure Revival Peel (it’s a gentle exfoliating gel that leaves my skin smooth and bright) and their different serums.


Definitely had a wonderful Friday escapade on Sephora Beauty Voyage.


A group shot with the lovely bunch: Roseanne, Tricia, Jess and Evonne! 🙂


It’s not often I get to frolic on a yacht so I totally enjoyed it! Photo credit to Evonne too, my ever-willing photographer!


Thanks for hosting such an awesomeballs event, Sephora!

In other news, guess who was featured in 联合早报 last week! ZB Now ran a feature and interviewed me for TheVelvetDolls! *beams with pride* I’m so happy to be featured along-side some really wonderful and inspiring brands and ladies! Though I showed my dad and he was like “又不是头条新闻” and all. But I believe he secretly approves.

I will work harder! 😀

Can’t believe it’s March, already. The time is just zooming past me! And I’ve been married for two months now. It seems to be wedding season this year because I’ve also had four other friends join the club: attended two weddings in the past weekend alone!! Married life is really blissful and I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful husband. We are still super lovey dovey to the extent that I think some of my friends are just like “STAPH IT ALREADY” but teehee, love makes the world go round 😀

Okay, I’m gonna go back to *real* work right now, so I hope all of you have an incredible week ahead! And come look for me on Dayre and Instagram cos I update those spaces quite regularly!! Oh, and I’ll try to update again soon with the rest of my Taiwan travelogues soon! 🙂


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