#SephoraVoyage ⛵️

Dear Dayre,

No one says no to yacht party invite!!! Right?! Not me lah. Cos seriously when else do I have the chance to sit on a yacht and pretend to be super atas and expensive? Hardly ever.

#SephoraVoyage at ONE'15 Marina, yay! I was quite excited to go. So excited that I went out shopping to look for something nautical-ish to suit the theme hahaha. It's been a long time since I went shopping!!!

Ended up buying a striped skirt from Miss Selfridge, which I wore immediately for the yacht party!!

And a ton of other apparel and stuff. It's been so long since I went on a shopping spree like this 🙊 Feels good! Retail therapy is always awesome. Picked up some new shoes at prettyFIT too cos my previous pair of sandals from prettyFIT has turned from white to cream due to my constant wear. 😰 I like it so much I'm considering getting a new pair in the exact same design!

Back to the Sephora party!

It was super cool cos the team did up a huge yacht specially for the party, with different rooms and areas for different brands and pampering treatments!

There were facial rooms, makeup stations, hand pampering sessions and all. Not to mention a bar on the top deck with drinks and Popsicles!!

Living it up on a Friday hehe!

A hot favourite at Sephora is GlamGlow and their award winning masks!

I was treated to a Sake Bath hand soak and Brown Sugar Scrub treatment on my hands by Fresh, another of my favourite beauty brands! 😍

This Sake bath product contains more than 30% sake and is inspired by Geishas who used to bath in sake to keep their skin soft and supple. It smells totally drinkable but please don't try!

Managed to grab some miniature serums from Skin Inc.. These serums are really good! I use them on and off, when I switch my skincare products around.

Oh, we had to wear these cute bedroom slippers around the yacht! So cute and also very very comfy.

Enjoying a coconut-flavored Popsicle while chilling on the top deck with @roseannetangrs and @evonnz.

It was a windy and cool evening (after a slight drizzle) and was just perfect on the yacht man.

Lying on one of the comfy deck seats and totally indulging in pure relaxation.

Group photo with @roseannetangrs @withlovetricia @tippytapp and @evonnz!!

Of course we spent a lot of time camwhoring.

🙆❤️ Thanks to @evonnz who captured some pretty shots for me!! But I think I really outdone myself with her shots hahaha go see on @evonnz Dayre ok is really like a chio!

Messy hair don't care.

Our hair kept getting whipped into a frenzy during all the photo-taking geez! Requires some skill and lots of repeated spam shots.

Range of skincare beauty products from our goodie bag 😍 Always wanted to give Algenist a try!

And those sample sizes products come in handy for travel. Thanks Sephora!

Inspired by yesterday's beauty voyage and I decided to mask today morning before heading out hehe!

Using GlamGlow's SuperMud (the white one)!

This is the one!

It really smells like mud no joke. Even has little grassy and leafy bits in it.

But I like the slight tingling sensation and tightening feel! Lol.

Today's face!

Wedding dinner tonight so I decided to put on a stronger lip color. And I'm in love with it!!!

I love hot pink shades the most. Some girls prefer classic red but I find that a strong pink lip color brightens up my face and flatters my complexion!

It's the MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam shade "Amplified"!

On the eyes:
Urban Decay Naked Palette
HeroineMake Liquid Eyeliner

Laneige BB Cushion that I've been using together with MAC's Strobe Cream which really gives the face a nice glow! 😍

Ok the Strobe Cream looks like this! (Took off the internet)

It's a pearly looking liquid that has little micro particles that adds a nice glow to the skin. Use it before/after/mixed with liquid foundation, I find that it all works!

Helps to hydrate my dry skin and give it a more radiant shine. 👍👍👍

My new camel pumps from prettyFIT. They are super comfy!!

Think my dressing is quite mod today and different from my usual haha. But I don't think I will have a chance to ootd sorry. For your imagination, I'm wearing a black structured button down tee with lace accents & a knee length culottes that are embossed with floral patterns.

Plus the camel pumps and my blue Celine trapeze. Usually I wear dresses for wedding dinners but I have to go for rehearsal first so I thought I'd dress different.

Ok it's now 5pm and after four hours outside I have realised that my heels are not as comfy as I expected 😭

I blame my wide feet. Looks like I should stick to open toed heels cos those are much better for me! *爱水卖命* (ai sui mai mia)


Snippets from wedding dinner! 🙊 @jaynetham 👋

I did something totally unglam haha caved in and bought a pair of slippers from Ripple & ahhhhhh my feet ✨✨✨ So I ended up wearing slippers to & from the dinner lol. (Thought I'd be proper & put them on when I went to the toilet but I regretted it afterwards)

This is a true sign of aging. When you wear slippers to a wedding dinner & don't really care. Also cos I know my groom and bro Ben is super chillax & wouldn't mind 😁

Ok bye!

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