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Dear Dayre,

Wheeeee, five days of keeping an eye on my food intake has paid off hahaha I'm 1.6kg lighter than my weight on Monday HOHOHO! Let's keep it up and I'll be back to *not so fat* soon! Lol.

How you know you've put on weight: when a skirt you bought three months ago and couldn't fit you well cos it was too loose now fits.. With a little bit of allowance. WLE (Walaoeh) I don't know if I should feel happy that the skirt isn't going to waste. 😞

Funny thing is I wasn't even that thin three months ago (during the wedding).

Tho that being said, I went back to look at some photos taken then and I think I was still relatively slim during wedding period! Hahahaha

Either that or it's just a really awesome angle cos my arms look damn slender in this particular shot, for my standard.


Tho for some reason (which I suppose is a good thing) some of the weight gain has gone to my boobs, which are comparatively bigger than about a year ago.

I'd rather have smaller boobs and a slimmer frame, so I can "sacrifice" having a fuller bust. But let's hope that other areas (tummy, thighs, arms) go down first heh.

Some things can't be changed unfortunately, no matter how much weight I lose, like my wide hips and short torso! *Ah well.

Wah found a selfie of my tummy looking rather good! I must have been sucking in like crazy hahaha but this photo is motivating! I know it's not super impressive but it is to me cos one of my biggest body issues is that short torso & also no waist 😭

This shows that Slim Couture really works haha cos I remember coming back from Spain in early Nov and only having six weeks left to lose weight for wedding & being terribly stressed out about it. But in six weeks time I did manage to lose 3-4kg!

Too bad my rampant eating post-wedding celebrations plus taiwan plus kukup plus cny undid my effort.

Supposedly, it's cos my weight hasn't reached the optimal number and stabilized there, which is why I eventually gained back the weight I lost when I started binge eating right after the wedding was over. πŸ˜… Okay lah, took me three months to gain what I lost in six weeks, at least it wasn't the other way round.

Very serious about being carbless for dinner (only fruits and veggies allowed for the night) and I watched YZ slurping up this delicious 干捞 Chilli Mee that I prepared for him!! Chilli already pre-made: bought by my mum heh all I did was to dunk the noodles in hot water + add some ingredients + magic sauces + chilli. It was so tasty YZ had two servings! I did try a mouthful of noodles and it was super delicious!! 😭

So I've got about four weeks to lose me some weight before I fly to Japan in April whoop whoop!!! Still in the midst of finalizing trip details but I am eggcited. Japan here I come!!!

Nuffnang birthday bash today! #nuffnang8irthday

8 for infinity!

Spotted my face amongst others in this Infinity sign backdrop hahaha

Just a few years ago, we were celebrating Nuffnang's 5th birthday. Can't believe it's now already the 8th! 😱

The beautiful decor was done up by #Assemblehappinest!!

Very lovely theme of white x gold x silver.

Lots of photobooth fun with Hello Stranger!

Crazy ex-manager @iamselheng~~ happy belated birthday! πŸŽ‰

Really enjoyable birthday lunch with all the Nuffies, bloggers, and everyone!

Tho it was so hot I was melting under the sun 😭 All the way at Rochester somemore (taxi fare $17.50)

More selfiesss

Have not seen @belluspuera and @beatricesays for sooo long! ❀️❀️

With some of the Nuffies!! Sorry I don't recognize the new peeps please report your name! Except Charmaine 😁

Loved the video that was made by the Nuffies called "A day in the life of a Nuffie" lol. So epic and oh-so-funny cos I know those scenes happen everyday in the Nuffnang office.

Happy birthday Nuffnang!!!!!

I swear I was the only one who piled my plate with so much food! #noimage
The food at Da Paolo was very yummy!

But it's all veggies and meat alright! Didn't take any of the carbs tho the pasta and baked potato looked so good. Still relatively clean! *pats self on back*

I actually went on for a second serving of the salad and broccoli and beef BUTTT the waiter cleared it away when I was photo-taking with the rest πŸ˜’ Ah well calories saved.

Lucky us got to bring back a huge box of goodies from the birthday bash!! This box was SO heavy! But look at what's inside 😍😍😍

✨ Travel sized skincare products from Belief
✨ Eye masks from Megrhythm
✨ Portable charger from GP Batteries
✨ Chicken essence from Brands
✨ Dry shampoo from Batiste
✨ Green tea latte capsules from Nescafé
✨ Spa vouchers from Aramsa Spa

Last but not least I am very excited about…

✨ Electronic toothbrush from Philips!!!

YESSSS perfect for lazy ass me!

Bcos gifs are always fun and silly!

Leaving for Bali tmr morning and I haven't packed a single thing πŸ‘ Ok will wake up at 6am just to pack!

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