Minimalistic pixie dream girl I am not

Dear Dayre,

What made me chuckle inside my head this morning.

She is not there to inspire anything other than insecurity, because her “achievements” include keeping everything incredibly white, not gaining weight, and having a messy bun that is always on the verge of falling but never actually does.

Anyone feels the same way I do and is nodding inwardly at the above article?

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE the whitewashed minimalist look. I follow some Instagrammers whose feeds are just squares of curated loveliness of clean white walls and monotone colors and photos of themselves looking so effortless and beautiful. And yes.. I envy how it looks so picture perfect, like they never even tried. I'm sure you do too.

And sometimes I feel a little inadequate and insecure too. Sometimes I almost wanna hate them. Like, why are these girls all so perfect??? They are all thin, beautiful and well-dressed, in the most crazily effortless way ever. Their life looks perfect on Instagram. It's like they don't even try.

But at the same time, I also wish I could be like these girls, you know? 🙊 Such a dilemma.

Once, I spoke to one of these girls who has just that whitewashed minimalist feed that we're talking about here, and she was lamenting on how she can't just "anyhow" post photos cos it would destroy the look of her feed.

So despite the slight envy and admiration I felt for her beautiful instagram feed, I kind of had this gleeful feeling too LOL. Hey at least now I know they are human too and face the same problems as everyone else.

That being said, I put in a whole lot of effort into my feed too! Just in case you thought it as effortless, it sure isn't anywhere near effortless. But I love my feed looking colorful and lively and happy!

There's always a kind of stress for all bloggers/social media influencers especially on Instagram where followers and likes can be compared instantly like a report card.

I feel like I have to work extra hard to earn my likes cos I'm not gorgeous and photogenic and effortless 😪

…But it's okay, won't stop putting in effort hehehe. I might not be able to become a Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl but I'll be "Yina Goh" who's good at taking nice photos and is genuine and real!

But I still wouldn't post this on Instagram lah 🙈

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