Kindness begets kindness?

Dear Dayre,

So I’m sitting at the cafe downstairs home now and getting some work done on my laptop.
This angmoh lady walks in and quietly places keychains and a little card on every table. And the card says something like,

“Hello, I am deaf. For your kindness, one keychain is $5 and two at $10.”

I don’t know why leh maybe today I felt like I’m quite a fortunate and blessed person who can afford to give a little in the name of charity, and so I decided to just give the lady $10 since it’s true that $10 less is probably not gonna be a huge pinch to me, but I didn't want the keychain cos it’s just one of those rather ugly looking couple keychain which I know I won’t use.

So I put ten dollars into the hands of this angmoh lady who then opened her bag to show me more key chains for me..

to pick from, but I just gestured to her that I didn't want the key chains and she accepted my ten dollar note and quietly walked off.

Ok actually I wanted to give $5 but turns out I didn’t have a $5 in my wallet so I decided to just give $10.

It’s quite common in SG right to have people going around trying to sell things in the name of charity. Like I remember having bought other stuff from random men with tattoos who go around saying they are ex-convicts and now trying to make a living.

Actually I’m wondering if these people are scammers sometimes?? What if this lady wasn’t deaf at all? I don’t know eh, sometimes when I reject them I feel really bad (just did that last week when I was at Yakun with Fish & this middle-aged man barged in and was quite aggressive.) I think it's illegal for them to enter establishments to tout their goods too? But sometimes I give in and buy/donate. After all, if it’s true & they are really in need of help, maybe that $10 would mean a lot to them.

How ah? Would you do it if you encountered such a situation? Sometimes it’s really a struggle against that human impulse to feel soft-hearted and give in. BUT.. I also do worry that I’m just being too kind and I’m getting cheated. Well on the brighter side, it’s just $10 and not $100 or even $1000.

I don’t believe in karma but I think in a way kindness begets kindness, and I believe that I should treat others the way I would wish to be treated as well. So if one day I need help, I hope that there will still be kind souls who exist in the rest of humankind lol.

Ok I had an evil thought la I was thinking what if I yelled in the lady's ear HAHAHA if she flinched confirm not deaf right 🙊

One thing I love about YZ is that he's really a kind person and whenever he sees people who needs help he will be very sweet and helpful. Like once we saw an old lady pushing a cart of cardboard paper (she probably collected them to get money from recycling?) and the old lady was so slow and immobile going up a slope that he rushed over to help her with it.

And you could see the gratitude in the face of the old lady as she thanked YZ for helping her. I think knowing that you've made a difference to someone's day is reward enough for being kind!

Thank you fellow Dayre-ians for sharing your thoughts and advice! Sigh I think maybe I should think twice before pulling out my wallet next time. Oh well what is done is done!

Randomly, my mother just called me and I think she misses me cos she asked me where I went (I went back 娘家 last night to sleep) and asked me to go home for dinner tonight. Then she said "不要跟我又失踪hor" hahaha my parents are so cute even tho they don't express their care and concern in the nicest ways.

Ok I need to get back to work now BBL!

Anyway, I found this box of Dior goodies waiting for me at home when I went back yesterday.. ☺️ Feeling absolutely pampered! 😍 Thank you Dior!!

And my fellow Dayre-ians get to enjoy a treat too!! Flash this post at Dior Backstage (ION Orchard B2) to get a Diorsnow Trial/Lip Dress Up and exclusive 3pc trial kit, while stocks last!

I'm very interested in the Brilliant Rouge lip products! So many products, only one face. #firstworldproblems

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