I love Dayre!

Dear Dayre,

Whoop!!! New app update! 😍😍😍

You know, DAYRE is one of my fav social media apps along with Instagram and Facebook! Good job to the team at Dayre for making this such an awesome app and for having built such a wonderful wonderful community!

I find that Dayre brings me back to my days on Livejournal when blogging was a personal and intimate thing, and people who read your blog genuinely wanted to be friends with you. I remember the long comment exchanges and conversations I had with then e-strangers like @trishaliang and @jazreeltan, who'd have known that I would one day be fast friends with these strangers?

And now we are all friends again thanks to Dayre! Instagram is awesome, but Dayre has a special place in my heart. I'm not paid to say this or anything at all, but I'm sure all my fellow Dayre-ians feel the same way as I do ☺️

Testing the new video embed function 😍😍😍

Cheyyyyy I thought could watch in-app like Facebook! Meh still must open in Youtube.

Just to update you all, guess who is back on her Slim Couture treatments!!! Yep, after three and a half months of "letting go", I'm back at SC to try to maintain my weight abit cos my appetite is so crazy I need to control it just to stay at my current size!

And of course lah thanks to Taiwan crazy eating trip plus CNY plus Kukup crazy eating trip, I've put on 3+kg! 😭 Not surprising, the amount I ate. I was more surprised I didn't put on weight during CNY cos remember I shared with you Kukup?

I have seriously never eaten so much in my life hahaha it's not even funny.

I know some people say "Aiya you are married liao it's ok even if you put on some weight!" I think it would be ok if I don't run an online apparel boutique and if I don't have a social media image to upkeep, but unfortunately I do, and it's very important to me too!

I don't need to be super skinny, but I think I need to be slim and healthy ☺️ Plus I can feel it already, metabolism slowing down you know?

Being in late 20s is really when you start to feel the age creeping in. I need my sleep every night and i just feel older, period. Not a young thing anymore ah!

So now I'm trying to cut down on my food intake especially carbs! You would be amazed to know how much I've been eating since after the wedding!! Just love food too much la lol but cannot like this if not I'm gonna turn into θƒ–ε¦ž already.

I'm writing this now so that I can motivate myself hahaha so tempted to reach for a snack but I must make it through tonight without sinning! #lifeofafatgirl

So my dog Scruffy needs a new name. She just got a thorough fur cut by Daddy Goh and now looks more like… Botak than Scruffy!

Aiyooooo looks like a little pink rat with whiskers!

I just wrote a review on a Japanese salon @evonnz and I visited last week! There's just something awesome about Japanese services in singapore. Always so meticulous and attentive!!

The feature is on

We both did a customized facial which was very good. I love the essential oil massage the Japanese therapist Shiori-san did on my face!!!

The salon is located along Tanjong Pagar, in a nice little shophouse and is super cozy!

Me getting my game face on. Kidding.

Dunno if you can tell.. My face looks so glowy and hydrated after the facial!! I have got really dehydrated skin ATM so my skin has been very dull.

The very nice Shiori-San who speaks really good english!! And she's so kind and non-pushy at all. (Won't ask you to sign package or buy products don't worry!)

Again, if you wanna read the full review as well as *GET A SPECIAL PRICE*, pop over to~


Where I'm always around to feature really awesome beauty & wellness services at GetKlarity! πŸ‘βœ¨

Support me lah okay ❀️❀️❀️

Speaking of GK.. Heading to Bali with the GK team this Sunday for a special work trip!!!

Quite looking forward to it even tho it's gonna be work not play. πŸ™Š You know me la, get me on a plane to anywhere I also will go.

I told YZ this year I gotta YOLO cos next year maybe start making babies know? He was very pleased to hear that tho he said "When you are ready, dear"

Ok good night folks! Enough of randomness for tonight! ❀️😘

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