Dear Dayre,

Ahmergerddddd it took me thirty minutes of scouring Bedok Reservoir to find a copy of 联合早报 today!

I went to the first likely place: 7-11 and didn't see it. Then NTUC and then Sheng Siong both also don't have! Ended up walking a few blocks away and saw a mama shop selling papers. I asked the uncle "Uncle, 有没有联合早报啊?" And the uncle said, "卖完了!" 😭 Wts just when I was feeling abit depressed that I didn't manage to get a copy, I spotted one last copy clipped to his newspaper stand!

My face from like this …

To like this hahahaha!

Uncle: "你买来干嘛,要找工作啊"

I couldn't possibly say "因为有我的脸" so I just said "买来读嘛!"

The article is a feature in ZB Now about homegrown brands fronted by their own owners/spokespersons, and they featured LoveBonito, Klarra and TheVelvetDolls!

LoveBonito and Klarra are two brands that I hold in high regard and it is really my honour to be featured alongside these two brands.

The article basically talks about social media and e-commerce and some other related topics, and it shares our thoughts and views as the owner/face of our own brands.

I'm really very happy to be featured with two other amazing brands together with @beatricesays and Rach/Viola! ❤️🙆

IMO it's always great to have other online brands having such huge success, and although there will always be 'competition', I think it's always healthier when you see the entire e-commerce scene doing well.

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