Pre-Wedding Video: Jerry & Yina (Korea MV) by Istudio Video Production

Jerry & Yina \ Korea Mv from IStudio Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

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I can’t believe CNY is just around the corner, literally! It’s two days before I celebrate my first CNY for real with YZ by giving out red packets… Meh. Y’know some people say you don’t have to give out red packets during your first year after marriage, but it’s apparently not a custom in my family so yeaaappp, gotta dole out those red packets! Also, it’s a first for me cos I’m gonna be going to Kukup (it’s a kelong by the sea kind of chalet style) for the first few days with my in-laws and relatives. Hopefully it’ll be fun!

Quite a few readers have been asking for more wedding photos, but I’m first going to share some more stuff from my pre-wedding photoshoot/videoshoot in Korea, cos these are soooo well-done I cannot stop gushing about it!

You’ve probably seen our Korean pre-wed photos here already, and our actual day wedding video here, and above is the pre-wedding video we shot while we were in Seoul with Kwedding and Istudio. Initially, we weren’t thinking of shooting a pre-wedding video, but since we were going to be in Seoul anyway, we thought we might as well kill two birds with one stone to film a fun video for keepsake.

Again, we wanted to stay away from the corny, overly sappy and romantic kind of video, so we told Ian from Istudio that we wanted something lively, fun and happy, something that both of us would feel comfortable and natural with 🙂 And of course, Istudio didn’t just deliver exactly what we wanted, but even exceeded our expectations cos that’s just how awesome they are.

Enjoy the video, and I’ll be sharing more photos and behind-the-scenes of our Kwedding photoshoot next!

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PS. Have a fantabulous CNY and I know I’ll be enjoying the feasting for sure!! Be back very soon!


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