Yes we are all colorblind

Dear Dayre,


How is this dress NOT blue and black? It's totally blue and black to me. But there's apparently a huge debate going over how this dress is supposedly white and gold.

It's as blue as the sky. Legit blue. Where is this white and gold coming from? No matter which angle I look at it, it is blue and black 😳

WHAT COLORS DO YOU DAYRE-IANS SEE? 😱😱😱 #thedress #blueandblack

@nellielim says it's both. Hahaha

Another friend sees white and gold. @chufang

What do you see? Is it blue/black or white/gold?

Life's greatest mystery.

Here's some scientific logic behind this mindf**kery.

Optical illusions really make me wonder.. What can you believe if you can't even believe your own eyes?!

It seems like the blue/black camp cannot imagine this being white/gold but the white/gold camp can sometimes see both colors depending on how they look at it.

Amazing isn't it?

I'm currently hoarding a table at this wonderful little cafe right downstairs YZ's (now my) home, and it's a perfect place to sit down with a cuppa coffee to get some work done!

✔️Nice ambience and music
✔️Airy and spacious with natural daylight
✔️ Good hazelnut latte
✔️ Wifi and powerpoint
✔️ Clean toilet

This is gonna be my new "work-from" space from now on!

Cos I find it rather unproductive to work from home esp when the two kids are awake.

I have to have my coffee sweet. They have a good hazelnut latte that's not too sweet nor too bitter for me 😁 Perfect!

Blogging about my taiwan trip now and I'm gonna be splitting it up into smaller blogposts. First up is 十分放天灯!

My blogposts are not gonna be in chronological order but I'll probably try to organize them mostly by activity/place. Hehehe.

Gonna make this a productive Friday!

PS. Still reading everyone's comments on #thedress color debate and finding it really amazing how some people are seeing totally different things at separate times.

Nah here's my blue x black say real one.

@bunbunmakeuptips had to screw me over somemore. She sent me this screenshot where the dress really does start to look white and gold….

And in case you think "Aiya they tweaked the color on this one!"


It's the exact same (unedited) crappy image! So you tell me. Issit white and gold anymore hahaha.

Okay I had enough of this dress!!!!!!

Back to my blue and black. #thevelvetdolls top and a skirt I bought from TW for like $10 or something! Aiyo I regret not getting more colors cos it's so comfy and nice.

Silly hubs also tried to be funny and put out his own question to the world.


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