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I’ve disappeared from my blog for a while, and all for a good reason, I was blissfully enjoying my post-wedding high (whoop whoop, no more diet hehe!) and also mini-honeymoon in awesome Taiwan!!

Being a Mrs is a pretty special feeling, I feel like I’ve officially “moved on” to a different stage of my life, though it still feels strange to refer to YZ as my husband and even stranger to say “Oh yes, I’m married!” to strangers and acquaintances when it comes up in casual conversation. Wonder if all you newly-weds feel the same way too?

Photo by Ron Lee, EyeDeas Photography

We held our ROM ceremony on the day of our wedding banquet, just before the dinner itself. Here’s the beautiful ROM set-up created by MerryLove Weddings! I was holding back tears when I walked down the aisle hand in hand with Daddy 🙁 I’m not sure if all brides feel the same way, but I know I was feeling extremely emotional and happy at the same time. To be marching in on the arm of the man who brought me up is such a bittersweet and proud feeling. (If you haven’t watched our wedding video, here it is on Vimeo!)

On another note, I’d like to strongly recommend our Justice of Peace, Mr Simon Sim. He was superb! Extremely patient and nice, and he spoke so well and articulately, yet kept it short and sweet.

Photo by Ron Lee, EyeDeas Photography

In many ways, it was my dream wedding and I couldn’t have asked for better, really. It was the best day of my life :’)

Photo by Ron Lee, EyeDeas Photography

Most importantly, finally marrying the man that I’ll be loving for the rest of our lives together. Recounting the day of our wedding and some of our happiest moments, like exchanging our wedding vows and our wedding bands!

The wedding bands are a symbol of our life-long commitment and a dedication of love, so they are so significant and precious to both of us.

Photo by Ron Lee, EyeDeas Photography

When I said “I do”, and YZ put the ring on my finger hehe. 

Photo by Ron Lee, EyeDeas Photography

His super 得意 look of accomplishment!

Previously, I blogged about our first visit to Michael Trio and our first look at wedding bands, which was really a very good experience with impeccable customer service by Jadon, who patiently assisted and guided us in our search for the perfect pair of wedding bands!

It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the rings to be ready once you’ve confirmed on your design, and we were thrilled when Michael Trio called to inform us that the rings were ready for collection, two weeks before our actual wedding day.


We’d finally decided on this simple but ultra unique design that’s matte with a rose gold rim and tiny stud details that makes it unconventional and different from the usual diamond-studded wedding band, and we love the bands to bits!

Of course, you can modify and customise your rings to your liking, which is a totally fuss-free process at Michael Trio. We were already very happy with the design of the bands, so we stuck to the original design and kept the rings as they were.

Our rings are also engraved on the inside, with our initials and our wedding date! It’s just an extra service that Michael Trio provides and you can even pick from a huge selection of fonts for the engraving.



PS. This ring pillow was provided by Michael Trio too! I was wondering about where to get a ring pillow from, but realised that we didn’t need one after all since Michael Trio gave a ring pillow together with the rings when we collected them 🙂 Super awesome!

Coincidentally, our good friends, Alfred and Kewei, also just got married, and got their wedding bands done at Michael Trio too! We met up for a celebratory lunch after our weddings!

Here’s a shot of all wedding bands from Michael Trio. Much love! We’re all super happy with our wedding bands!

Still on that post-wedding high, even one month after our wedding day! I hope this feeling lasts longer!! I know how incredibly blessed I am to be married to this wonderful man who gives me his all. It feels unreal to be at this stage of my life right now, but I’m truly content with life.

PS. Get exclusive deals on this Valentine’s Day! Michael Trio is offering an attractive discount for a pair of anniversary rings for married couples 😀 It’s a perfect excuse to get another pair of rings re-made to celebrate your life-long union with your other half!

1-4 years of marriage – $100 off

5-9 years of marriage – $150 off

10-14 years of marriage – $200 off

15-19 years of marriage – $250 off

20 years and above of marriage – $300 off

– Couples would need proof of their wedding date.

– Promo period: 1st Jan – 28 Feb

– T&C apply

Find out more about Michael Trio on their website here!


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